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Worried and on the clock

Worried and on the clock

I’ll start by saying that I am completely new to this website and have my own fears and worries regarding PE. Worries like: the possibility of impotence, or whether or not this even works.
I’m 18 years old, and right now I am in a relationship, a long distance one, and have a year to get this down to a science before actually going out with them.

To my unfortunate genetics, and I know just who to turn to for this, I have not been blessed in girth. That is my goal. I have a year to gain a minimum of what I want which is a half an inch in girth, again I say minimum.
And sure I’d like to gain length along the journey too, but what I am aiming for is girth.

Now I ask you members who know what they’re talking about, or so I think, I’m still a bit questionable,
Is this realistic?
Can I actually meet this goal?
What can I do to maximize my safety?
Thank you.

How much you will personally gain all depends on dedication and genetics along with all sorts of other factors such as diet, stress, ect.

In a year I’d say half an inch in girth is not unrealistic although it is a high goal.

Be safe by progressing slowly and reading as much of this site as possible.

good luck buddy!

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I’ll try my best

No one can realistically say what your gains will be.. Some of us gain girth easily and others gain length rapidly. Best advice- learn about the newbie routine, practice it for a few months and see where it takes you. Good luck.

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It is hard to say. Give the beginner routine three months before evaluating how it works for you. I gained length easier than girth. Jelqing is rougher on my eq than stretching is. Eventually I started pumping because I have enough length for my girth and don’t want to get longer until I get thicker.

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To maximise your safety, don’t pull on your dick.

Half an inch of girth is attainable if enough factors are in your favour.

1) you can read and apply knowledge.

2) you do the work.

3) genetics.

We will support you all the way.

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