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Worried about stretching the foreskin...

Worried about stretching the foreskin...

I had my dick circumcised in April 2008. I have now started the newbie routine and some hanging. I’m worried to stretch the skin so that my foreskin starts to grow over the glans again (like a new foreskin). Is it possible to stretch the skin that much? In that case I would be forced to do my adult circumcision one more time.

Your skin may loosen up a bit, but it takes some serious effort to get the skin to grow back over the glans. This is called foreskin restoration and generally takes years and years of constant and specific stretching.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t worry, but I understand your concern. Just be careful how you place the hanger so you’re not stretching just the skin too much, but it would take a lot more than that to get some serious regrowth of skin.

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Interesting question, Makavelia. I’m a newbie to PE, but, unlike you, have been actively engaged in restoring my foreskin for quite some time. My hesitation with embarking on PE was mostly due to fears of the opposite. I am/was worried that starting PE might actually slow down my foreskin recovery process. (Sort of, like, wrapping a bigger parcel with the same size wrapping paper). I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I can assure you, it takes a lot of actively directed stretching to actually grow length to the foreskin. My hope is that along with the internal tissue etc., the skin will keep up. Hopefully, someone with a bit more experience will post a reply to your question. I’ll be keeping a watch on activity in this thread.

If it turns out that your worries are confirmed, I know a LOT of guys who’ll be signing up here to get started! :-)

Thanks guys for your answers! :)

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