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Worried about foreskin stretching

Worried about foreskin stretching

I’ve done some beginner jelqing routines off and on in the past, but I quit because I was worried that my foreskin would get longer. I have a very long foreskin and it completely covers my glans when flaccid and erect. Will jelqing cause my foreskin length to increase? If so, is there a way to avoid it? I plan to focus mainly on girth, if it makes a difference

I wouldn’t worry about it,if the skin stretches it will not stretch to far on the foreskin,you should be more concerned about getting a Turkey Neck on your penis.

Well, as someone who is actively trying to restore his foreskin, I can tell you that it won’t grow unless you purposefully stretch the skin itself, a lot. While jelqing you’re either lubed, or doing it dry and using the skin movement.. But you’re not really tugging on the skin itself, so I wouldn’t worry about it. If anything, as your dick grows it will take up slack in your excess skin.. Which fyi, I would kill for that much foreskin, lol.

In jelqing you must hold the base before each stroke. So you will be holding the skin back :) So no don’t worry, I wish I have a bit extra skin like you, the foreskin of my pubic area is shifting upward the shaft, because of the lack of extra skin so be happy :)

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Hey I got an idea. What if you’d grow so much foreskin you could just wrap it around your penis , increasing girth :D .

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