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im VERY new tot his, but also very intrigued. if i was to workout and meet my goals, would i have to keep up the exercises such as you do when building other parts of your body? i understand the penis is a sexual organ and not a muscle… but i just never read that part… dont mean to be repetitive, thanks!

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Yes listen to DW. In answer to your question it really does depend. For example when a new gain is made it has to be “cemented.” This means that you have to continue your exercises for another 3-5 weeks to ensure that the gain doesn’t go away once you stop. But after this the gains are permanent (especially girth). I haven’t gotten there yet but I’ve read that it is possible to lose a little if you totally stop, but it won’t be everything you’ve gained, and the amount lost will be easier to get back once you start PEing again. Hope this helped.

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