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Hey, I’ve been reading up on PE for some time but have not yet started until i know 100% what i will be doing. Is this a correct workout to start out with?

- Warm wrap
- Pumping (not yet bought one)
- Jelquing
- Manual stretching
- Warm wrap

Would that be correct, also is pumping permenant? If not should i just skip that step?


I’m looking for length gains more than anything. I’m currently measuring at about 5.75/4.75 inches.

btw - the 10 min edit limit is annyoing!

Check out the newbie routine posted bu Luvdadus.

I would not yet buy a pump until you have at least started jelqing and know a little more about PE. Then of course, go for it.

However, very few have posted permanent gains from pumping, and these came after long hours and many years.

Although I have never tried it (yet) I believe pumping is a lot of fun. Have a read in the pumper’s forum for all ‘benefits’ it can give.


Well, thedemon, I will tell you about my experience with pumping. I bought a pump, actually two, about 6 years ago. And so I pumped for a little while. Back then, I had absolutley no idea about PE, and no computer anyways with which to even remotely have a chance to stumble upon something such as PE.

After all that pumping, I did not have any permanent gains. I wasn’t educated enough back then as to workout routines and schedules and all that that I know now. I was lucky, though, in my lack of knowledge about pumping, to avoid any type of injury, whether light or not.

Personally, I would have a go at the PE exercises for a while before purchasing a pump, just to see what you are able to achieve from them.

And by the way, I am not pumping anymore. That whole spiel probably lasted a few months, very sporadically though!


Ok, ill miss out the pumping stage. I’ll also work kegels into the routine.

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