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Workout buddies

Workout buddies

I plan on starting J123’s linear newbie routine sometime this week.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Is anyone starting right now also? I think it would be helpful and more motivating to start together, discuss, and provide moral support.

Also, can someone who has already attempted this routine post their starting/final stats as well as any injuries/side effects they experienced? That would help us form reasonable expectations.

After a few weeks, we will post our stats/improvements in this thread

I’m going to start that routine soon. I was doing the regular newbie routine and started on the 3rd week when I noticed that my EQ had crashed. I haven’t done any PE in 3 days and it’s recovering, but I think I’m going to give it a couple of more days before starting again.

Originally Posted by carrotsrorange
linear newbie routine …

Is anyone starting right now also? I think it would be helpful and more motivating to start together, discuss, and provide moral support.

A very good idea.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Very good welcome abroad :D

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In the time I’ve been here I’ve seen quite a few of these kind of threads.

Why don’t one of the mod’s create and sticky a thread in this newbie forum that is solely for new members to support and encourage each other?

It’s not hard to do and it allows a closer community to develop amongst the newer members.

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We used to have a mentor program. It failed.

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Hey carrotsorange!

I would love to be your work out buddy because I just jumped back into PE about 2 weeks ago. I am doing 2 days on 1 day off of nooby routine (the advanced one with more reps). Speaking of workout, I am about to smoke a bowl and get in with my workout for the day!

PM me if you have any questions!

El Cholo

Awesome Ewcholo,

I’ve never done PE before and don’t want to go about it alone. If anyone else is in the same boat PM us!


I did something similar for my newbie routine. I would have done linear newbie if I had known about it.

I did a rice sock warmup, 3 sets of 5 way stretches, and 90 to 120 jelqs. That was it. I did one day on and one day off. Or was it one day on and two days off?

Anyway, bottom line is that I gained with it. Mostly length. So that kind of light routine worked really well for me.

I’m going to try the linear routine with you guys. Are we PMing or just posting here?

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