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Working the base and question about gains

Working the base and question about gains

I’m wondering is there a way to work the base of the shaft better with jelqing?
I have a feeling that it’s not worked as good as the rest of the shaft.
Also, after jelqing session, it seems like it’s less engorged than the rest.

As for my second question, I want to know can I expect gains from doing only dry jelqing (with warm up and warm down)?
From what I’ve seen here, people do bunch of other PE exercises along with jelqing and that includes both manual and various pumping and hanging.
I don’t want to do those, does that mean I’ll have to wait longer to see progress or there won’t be any at all?

1. There is no way to stress the base as the rest of the shaft, for obvious reasons. But you can do your best by starting as close to the base as you can.

2. You can have gains from only dry jelqing, But it’s better to incorporate other exercises. Because it’ll take more time to achieve gains, and you may not have the length gains you’re aiming for. But you don’t need to do a “punch” of other exercises, Just the basic stretching and jelqing as described in the newbie routine.

Well, pumping tends to increase base girth first, then throughout the shaft from there and is a great PE tool to compliment jelqing. Since you don’t seem to be interested in pumping, your next best route would be a cockring around the balls and cock together for jelqing and edging.

However, I would not attempt, nor am I recommending, such a routine as a newbie.

More advanced exercises require better conditioning to your unit and will most certainly lead to injury if performed pre-maturely or incorrectly.

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I’ve read stretching straight up and doing kegels can help with base girth. Not sure if it works though.

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Alright then, I guess I’ll have to try my best to concentrate on the base as much as on the rest of the shaft.

As for stretching, I’m still rather skeptic, maybe I try them some day, but I’ll stick to just jelqing for now.

There are a few good threads on here about base girth, I wish I had them. I have only browsed through them but that was a while ago. If I remember correctly hanging is the best way to increase base girth. The wrap and hanging device are attached to your upper shaft so when you hang all of the squeezed blood is trapped towards the base of your penis thus increasing your base girth. You can also perform kegels while hanging, and without. You are going to have to dig in the search toolbar. If you do find any good articles please enlighten us =)


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