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Working on huge head

Working on huge head

Hi all veterans and newbies. I am a 5 year vet, and only have spent about 2 years on this site, of which I owe the majority of my gains and knowledge to. (Thank you Thunder and all those who helped build this place).

My main question:

How would I increase the size of my head?

All comments and insight on this topic are welcome and hoped for. I’ll start things off with a bit of my own experience. My basic routine involves clamping and jelqing, neither of which I ever over-do. I give my self two rest days on Friday and Sunday. This has really helped my girth and even my length a little, but what has helped with my head are squeezes. I make an ok grip at the base of the penis with a 70% to 90% erection so that the penis is fully engorged to it’s maximum, then with the other hand I squeeze the penis on the top and the bottom like I am trying to flatten it out with two fingers. This pushes the blood toward the outside edges of the penis and gives a strong feeling of pressure. It should feel uncomfortable, but be sure not to make it too painful, or you will end up needing to take a long break. I do this around the base, the mid-shaft and the glans. It is when I do this at the glans that I really see my head expand. So much in fact that there are usually little goose-bump looking mini bubbles where the blood is trying to expand through, (these mini bubbles go away the second you release pressure).
I also jelq at around a 70-90% erection level and hold the jelq when I reach the glans for about 10 seconds. Then with the other hand I begin a second jelq while holding the jelq against the glans still. Niether of these methods are for newbies. They build up emense preasure. I do this about 10 times and then rest. I usually incorporate about 3 of these sets per work out, and I do not do girth workouts every day. Just like you would not do bicept curls at the gyme everyday.
I also kegel about 250 times, twice a day, on every workout day. I kegel as hard as I possibly can until I’m tired.

Well this is what I personally do and I have been doing it for about 2 weeks and have seen the slightest gain in girth, but more importantly, the head always seems more engorged now.

Does anyone else have any advise on what they have done with respect to growth of the glans or of the soft muscle underneath the tunica?

Currently at 8”bpel, 6”eg

Do a search for “sadsak head”. Or I guess I could do it for you:

Sadsak’s Head Exercise - Repost from old Big Penis Forum

Those seem to have worked some for me.

Be careful about jelqing close to the glans. Most advise to stop an inch or so before. Why? The risk of DORSAL NERVE INJURY.

Congrats on those stats of yours. You have a damn big one.

Great link sta-kool. There is a lot of good advice in that link.

Your pretty good yourself on those stats by the way.

Hopefully a lot of newbies can learn from this. I think having an engorged head is a great way to start seeing results later on with both length and girth. Plus when your head becomes bigger, it will also reach out a little farther adding length I would think. Personally I think having a big head is something a girl would really like, that’s why I am aiming for it myself.

Check out Shunga’s progress pictures some time if you haven’t already — you will see that indeed some of his new length comes from Glans length growth. He does those sadsak’s too. I need to start doing them again.

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