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Working both length and girth - counterproductive?

Working both length and girth - counterproductive?

This thread may or may not need to be moved. I intended to post this in the Main Member section, but I still don't have those privileges.

Simple question: Do you think girth work interferes with length work?

I know there have been some topics lately about bigger girths possibly making it more difficult to gain length, but this is a different question. I guess the best way to lay out an example would be the following: wearing an extender or ADS throughout the day while clamping on a routine basis. Would the clamping part of the routine interfere with the benefits of the extender or vice versa? Looking forward to reading some answers.

Thanks guys.

I would not do both at the same time. When extending, it can reduce circulation. Ever stretched a rubber tube? The inside diameter decreases, like one of those Chinese finger traps. So do veins, vessels. So you extend, and tighten the clamp. Think about it. One traumatic tourniquet. I just think either one or the other…at different times. With adequate rest times for cellular “recovery”. If it turns green, you’ve gone way too far.

Some times after extending, I will pump, low vacuum 3-4” hg, for a short periods of time. It works for me.


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