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Wondering If I Should Do PE

Wondering If I Should Do PE

Hello everyone at thunders, really quick just wanted to say I’ve been lurking here for over 3 yrs, a lot of great guys and advice here. Thank you everyone. My question is simple. My size as of right now is 6.75 BPEL and 5.3 EG, my wife has a very, very short I guess I could call it vagina. Even with a crappy erection in missionary I can still hit her cervix causing her discomfort. Arousal is not a problem, we’ve been together 12 yrs. And trust me by now I know when she’s ready.

But I know she would enjoy a thicker penis. I’m not saying 5.3 is thin by any means. I’m fully aware I’m on the higher end of average. But here is to my question, I just finished the 3 month Intro to Schlong Growth PE 101 with Prof. THUNDER and want to grow wide and not long.

Right now I’m doing 5 minutes hot water from shower head, stretch a little just to get loose, and wet jelq 10 minutes 7 to 9 seconds at 60 percent erection, then everything the same for v jelqs, and finally another 5 minute warm down. Does anybody have any advice on techniques I can do just for girth, but still relatively unconditioned for extreme PE.

Sorry for the long post, just didn’t want to miss anything. And one last bit of info. I know I could just keep from going in all the way, but the wife more than not enjoys close full body contact during sex. Thanks everyone and have a good day.

Welcome Retcoh!

Should you do PE? I think: give it a try and see how your wife responds. Did you tell her about this training?

Jelqing is a girth oriented exercise although you can gain length too from it.

My suggestion is: start light with the newbie routine then, when gains will stop, you’ll take into consideration new exercises to add in your routine.

Hey Retcoh,

I’m surprised you just hit her cervix at the length you are, you should be able to slip past in a way that is pleasurable for her. Some women are more sensitive in this area than others though and of course it depends on the point in her month and position of the cervix but maybe a little more length would fix it, so you could get past and then stay deep.

You’re right, 5.3 is not bad at all. You might put a lot of effort into increasing to find her adapting quickly and not noticing after a while. It may also cause problems for you receiving oral sex.

Jelqing is a mainstay of PE and can help produce length or girth. I’m not sure I buy what Drako says. I see it as more of a tenderising exercise, preparing the penis to expand and doing some of that expansion. You should consider following a routine like the Newbie Routine (hit the FAQ).

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Drake and memento thanks for the advice, I currently finished the three month newbie routine. But I did do PE for about 6 month’s a few years ago, mainly started again for the EQ. As far as oral, my wife all ready can’t open mouth wide enough, but I’ve never heard her orgasm from going down on me either haha, so it’s not a huge loss for me.

I’m all ready seeing a huge improvement, but I’m gonna pass that what I call, getting my real penis back. I’ll continue with my routine, since it’s working, and I’ll use the wife’s feedback for future training considerations. Oh and yes my wife does know about. She finds it flattering that I’m doing for her. Kinda turns her on too. We’ll thanks guys, I’m keeping a log and use it to see what works and what not. Happy 4th of july.

Sticking with a routine that is working and listening to your wife’s feedback makes it seem like you are doing all the right things already. For future reference on girth techniques check the videos for Uli#3, plumped bend. More extreme are the Sadsak Slinky and the Horse440 but if you get something out of the Uli’s and plumped bends you don’t need to go there.

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