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Wondering about traction devices

Wondering about traction devices

I’m relatively new to PE, but have read good things about the use of traction devices alone for lengthening and girth enhancement. I know that traction devices DO have their place in the medical realm with use on burn patients, and even post penile surgery. There is medical evidence that suggest that they DO work. Further, it’s a fact that certain tribes in Africa have used such methods to lengthen the penis for men, and the necks of women. I am considering the “fast size extender”, as I see it has been cited as effective by some credible least for pyrones disease. Does anyone have any real hands on experience with a traction device, and how does it compare to other methods?

I have used the pro-extender for over a year now. I have had good results thus far and I recommend them. However, they tend to be uncomfortable at times. So you will have to find a way to make it more comfortable to wear.As far as other methods well that is individual. I do several methods together for a more rounded workout.

I know they are good for length but I’m not too sure about the girth part.

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