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Women perfer thickness

Women perfer thickness

I read an article on the Internet where they interviewed sexually active female to see if size really does matter, the results were that they didn’t really care about the size of the member but rather on the thickness and hardness of the erect penis. When reading this I was wondering if the PEing I was doin helping now only with length and girth but also in density of the penis. Does jelqing and kegels help with the density and the thickness of the member or is PE strictly for girth and length purpose only, if so, is there an exercise that will help me achieve a thicker, better, fuller lookin erect penis?

There are lots of exercises which will achieve a thicker penis called girth exercises. Length is important for sex, for instance hitting the CDS, but most women didn’t had a partner who could hit it so they are underestimating the importance of length. I advise you to do both length and girth exercises after you have done the newbie routine.

Thicker= girthier to me, when you say they don’t really care about the size of the member, but the thickness is kind of confusing because adding thickness or girth to you penis would in fact increase the size, please explain some more. PE for me has defenitly enhanced the quality of my erections, their defenitly harder.


What I mean but thicker I don’t mean buy the size of the girth but rather the texture and hardness of how ones member feels for example comparing the density of a banana to a cucumber, the cucumber is obviously harder. This is what I was refering to when I meant thickness. Another question, isnt the length and girth excercises basically a newbie routine but just a little enhanced and more enduring basically? I

I’m pretty sure that any body tissue except bone (and perhaps cartilage) has approximately the density of water.

As far as hardness, yes, my experience is that women enjoy a harder penis much more. If someone told me I could gain 2” but it would always be kind of soft, I’d keep what I have.

I think woman say they prefer thickness, because most of the time they do not have or ever had access to a long dick. It is difficult to really say how thick is - especially for a woman, so to save face they say they prefer girth or thickness.


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