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Wohoo! I've finally hit my ligs.


Wohoo! I've finally hit my ligs.

I’d always felt that when I was stretching I wasn’t really hitting the right areas. I would get a burn on the surface, so I suppose I was simply stretching the skin. Last night, however, I was experimenting with different grips and pressures when I caught a point that felt like it was pulling my stomach muscles out through my dick, I was a bit concerned, but when I repeated it I realised that this was pulling on my ligs and inner penis. It was the best stretch I’d ever had and I could really feel it deep inside for a while afterwards.

The method I used was basically a modified V-stretch, but I gripped about midway down the shaft, pulling down, but bending the end up. Then I took my second hand and pushed down with the fleshy bit between thumb and forefinger very close to my body. The result was a stretch almost entirely focused on the internal parts. I found that if I pulled SO it didn’t hit the ligs, but as soon as I dropped the angle down it really started to pull.

My only concern is that I am not really hitting the ligs and that I will end up pulling my stomach muscles down by a couple of inches! But hopefully this could lead to some great initial length gains.

Any input from more experienced PEers would be appreciated.

Cheers guys and keep tuggin’


That’s good news! Well done.

I did a bit of manual stretching today and tried to recreate the feeling you describe. It wasn’t quite the same, but once I’d got it (hard when you’re uncut) it was very satisfying. Currently just doing 100 counts of JAI’s (Stretch for two, rest for two) a few times a day.

Lordbase, have you worked out your LOT? Continue to cane your ligs and let us know what you gain out of them.

Cheers, it’s made me feel a lot more confident about the stretches because it really feels like I am doing the job now.

As for my LOT, this is a bit of a strange one. I don’t seem to have one. I get no tugback at any angle. I posted on the subject a few days ago and Bib thought that it might mean that I’ve got a very high lot due to “extremely strong supporting structures, including the ligs.”

Hopefully this’ll give me some good stretching gains relatively quickly though as I am pretty damn stretchy (I’m a martial artist and can do the splits!).

I’ll post some results in a month or so to let everyone know whether this really works.

Fingers crossed.


To get where you could do the splits how did you train yourself? What I mean is did you do the splits one day and skip a day or every day until you could finally go down as far as you wanted?

Sorry for OT, was just curious what way you trained yourself to do this? BTW, did someone tell you to do it the way you did or did you just do it?

I’ve done various martial arts on and off since I was about 5. When I was young (6-8) I was incredibly flexible, I could do the splits with my feet on 2 bricks (each side) and still touch the floor in the middle, bearing in mind I only had little legs! Following moving house I couldn’t find a local class and stopped training till I was about 14, when I found a local karate class. I trained in that for four years, but never got that flexible again. Then I went to uni, tried 4 or five styles, eventually going back to Karate. I trained for another 2.5 years before becoming a part time instructor for a year or so. By this time I was pretty flexible again, but still a foot or so off the floor. It was at this point I decided I’d really try to push myself to get down to the floor again. Now I am in China, trying to find someone to teach me Kung Fu who actually speaks english!

When I went for it, it took about 4-5 months, stretching every other day - hard, I mean till I was dripping in sweat. I would stretch for at least half an hour, starting slowly and pushing up the pressure. It is important to stretch in many different positions, since (as my physio friend tells me) you only benefit from stretching at the maximum for about 30 seconds. Although I think the most useful thing was the strength I’d built up in my legs over the years. It takes a lot of leg strength to hold yourself off the ground when you have six inches to go!

On my non-stretching days I’d stretch gently, running through the motions but without the pressure, just to ensure I kept the stretch from the day before and to help encourage the recovery.

As for who told me, I’d studied under about a dozen instructors and had worked out what was best for me, plus I spoke to physios and read a lot into the anatomy of stretching.

Do you have any history of martial arts or (leg) stretching? If you want I can give you some details about my routine or any suggestions if you want to try and do it. But remember, like PE it takes patience.

Welcome and congratulations, getting the right sensation while stretching is the base camp for gains.

I gotta say I just love your nick! :chuckle:

We have quite a similar sports history, btw. Judo, TKD, boxing, kung-fu, thai boxing, since I was the age of 7.

Lordbase, thanks for response.

Actually reason I was asking, is because I have never been a person who was much into stretching and wondered what a professional would say the correct way to stretch was. I took a couple of different styles of martial arts when I was younger, might have not even heard of one of the styles(Ishinru and Shotakon, don’t know if spelling is right on those). I went to a couple of classes with a friend to Akido, but I never joined because it was just a really busy point in my life(the guy who taught it was pretty crazy fella, he was really into presure points). Guy that took me use to let the instructor use him as a guinee pig and he would get kind of paralized or knocked out or something from the guy from hitting different parts on him(pretty cool stuff, and would have thought it was bogus if wouldn’t have happened to friend).

Back to thre reason I was asking. Mainly was wondering since I think it is relative when talking about stretching ligs. I was wondering routines for stretching other ligiments in the body and how it might apply to stretching ligs in the penis.


Hi, and I’d love to see some useful advice about stretching. I’m stiff as a board, and that’s not in the biblical sense, either.

Thanks, I like your nickname too! Mine is actually Base as well, but a friend set himself up as SirNeil@… and so I became Lordbase@… I’ve been base since I was about 8 years old (23 now). This is the first time I’ve ever run into someone with the same nickname and we share the same hobbies too. Weird. I don’t suppose you have an Icelandic girlfriend do you??

One of my old instructors was a 3rd Dan in Aikido and he was a nutter as well, ex-marine, loved pressure points, used to tell me about all the people he’d killed. Whether they were true stories or not, I don’t know, but I wasn’t going to test his abilities.

As for the comparison of stretching legs and ligs, I think that the same theories will apply:
Focus on ensuring the muscle or lig is properly warmed up,
Build up the stretches very slowly,
Hold the stretches for 30 seconds at full extension (I know a lot of people hold PE stretches for much longer, especially with hanging, but I’m not experienced or informed enough to talk about the penis, but I do know that ligs and muscles reach their maximum fatigue level after about 30 seconds),
Don’t bounce (remember your Gym teacher telling you to bounce up and down, touching your toes?? Don’t do it!)or jerk (forcing muscles beyond what is bareable or using momentum to add power),
Repeat as many times as possible,
Warm down properly, and
Allow time to heal.
Oh yeah and patience! I hope that sort of makes sense.

I always allowed at least a day for my legs to recover from a hard stretching session and if they were sore after a days rest I’d leave them for another day. It seems that with PE though the damage heals within about 24 hours, which might be down to the simple fact that the bits you are stretching are smaller and as such take a smaller amount of damage, which takes less time to heal.

I am happy to help with some stretching, although I think this has strayed far enough from topic, so if you want to send me a pm or email I’ll see what I can do to help. Unless you want to start a thread elsewhere (“not covered elsewhere” would be a good place to start!).

Just give some details as to what you want to losen up and how old you are (makes a big difference, but you don’t need to be specific about it). Personally if you just want a bit of extra flexibility and aren’t too shy then I’d recommend a gentle yoga class, but let me know what you want to get out of it and I’ll do my best to advise.


Just had another thought on the legs vs ligs stretching:

You should always embark on a gentle stretch of the legs, to promote healing (it gets the blood flowing) and cement gains (by stopping the muscles healing in a contracted state), half way through the healing process. If the legs take two days to heal, while the ligs heal in one day, this suggests that ligs take half the time to heal (I know I’m pointing out the obvious, but stay with me). So in theory you should gently stretch the ligs about 12 hours after the first hard stretch to promote healing and cement gains.

So simple, yet something I’d not thought about. Hopefully this might have some benefits.


Originally Posted by Lordbase

I don’t suppose you have an Icelandic girlfriend do you??

No, but you just give me a month… ;)

Originally Posted by base
No, but you just give me a month… ;)

My girlfriend has a sister if that helps?

I tried this. Nice stretch, thanks for the tip. :)

Originally Posted by Lordbase

My girlfriend has a sister if that helps?

She hot? :cool:

She’s not bad looking, their mum was a model.

Plus I’m trying to get rid of the annoying cow. (whoops did I say that out loud?)

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