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Wives Girlfriends and PE


I told my wife that I was doing this from the start - she had no problems and supported me.. Makes a big difference when you don’t have to “sneak” around..

New Report!

I gave my wife a nice bouquet of flowers and a card for Sweetest Day, last Saturday. The card is attached, inside the caption was
“Guess what’s gotten bigger since I met you”
“not just my smile or my belly,

She was so excited that I “remembered” a “minor holiday”, even though I had to go to work on Saturday. She said “What does the inside mean?” to which I replied “well what do you think it means?”. And she said “I know ONE THING” that is, is that what you mean?”. My reply was “it could be as many things as you think”, but does IT feel different?” And here’s the answer to the $64,000 question,

“Yeah, IT does and it feels different in a GOOD WAY.”

That’s what I have been waiting to hear, and we ate dinner and promptly went to bed, but not to sleep!!

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Originally Posted by mellors

The second test will be when I feel confident enough to stroll about in the changing room at the gym without hiding behind a towel!


I’ve been married a long time too. I feel the same way about telling my wife. I want to see if she notices a change. I notice a change but its my dick.:) It is my little time alone to enjoy.

About being in the shower room. I wrote a thread about this over in another forum. It is to deal with being naked in front of other guys. I’ll see if I can post a link.
Locker Room Etiquette

I don’t even consider the idea of telling my wife that I’m PE-ing. One, because she will realize that something is missing from our sex life (or that I realized it) and two: because once she knows what I do she will expect results, and they don’t come that fast. In fact, she will get used to the changes to the point that, one year from now, when I’m two inch longer and one inch thicker :) she would probably ask “Are you getting any results, dear?” Fortunately, I am away from home for almost one year, so I can PE without fear of being caught, and when I will be back home, she WILL feel the difference. And if you wonder, no, I will not tell her even then, but rather be the first to comment on how tight her vagina feels.

Men are truly animals, but women are no plants either.

My wife knows now-ok

I was pumping for a while and then one day while we were at this getaway (hot tub, privacy, no kids, etc.) I told her and she said, “I could tell that it was getting bigger” . Now I do it in the home in the basement 75% of the time right before sex. She always is able to have an orgasm, with or without the pumped up penis, BUT it is easier for me to give her one with it pumped up and I can tell it feels better for her pumped up (due to the groans). However, sometimes she says it is too big and likes it regular size. Either way, getting her to orgasm is my goal with sex. Before I enter her, I finger her and suck her breasts. (This seems to work even better than the pumped up penis). She then BEGS for me to shove my penis inside her, and within 1-4 minutes she has an orgasm.

Bottom line: You MUST PREP your gf/wife first before sex, and then it’s much easier for them to orgasm.

As far as telling your wife about your PE. It all depends on how much you trust her NOT to tell anyone else. My wife would not tell anyone. But I still don’t tell her about everything. As a rule you should NOT tell your wife about everything. But PE is ok between me and my wife. In fact I wish I felt comfortable enought to Pump in front of her. But I don’t yet



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