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Willing to work, what should I do for girth

Willing to work, what should I do for girth

Hi guys I’m new to this. Excited to start. I’ve done random exercises here and there for a year with little gains. The past 3 or 4 months I’ve been doing them more regularly. In the past I’ve been insecure about my size and appearance when girls see me because I have two small skin bridges going from my shaft to head. Recently doing the workouts my gf has noticed soreness and pain with sex. Sometimes feels like I make her mature pussy feel like a virgins. I love it. I’m about 7 long and 4.5 thick but because of my bridge on my head its tougher for me to get 100% hard. I’m normally hard about 95% blood flow. My goal is 8 long and 5+ thickness. I hope I can make it. Plan to do stretches, squeezes, kegels and jelging in the shower nearly everyday. I’m kinda against hanging but a simple clamp I think could help. What can help for flaccid girth and overall thickness? I think a little length will come with that. Let me know what I should try. Thanks

Someone help me build my plan. I measured today and I’m 4.75 girth

Come on. Any advice at all. I need help

You should start out with the Newbie routine if you haven’t tried it already. It’s a good starter routine to help condition your penis to the rigors of regular PE and many people report good gains in both length and girth from this routine. Once you have done that, you should try and search for girth routines using the search bar as many people have posted good routines that focus on gaining girth.

Good luck and happy gaining!

As thebestone said, do the Newbie Routine.

Do it for at least three months to get your penis conditioned and to gain knowledge about how your penis reacts to PE.

Some guys do the newbie routine forever and get all the gains they want and need from hands only.

I would suggest doing the alternative newbie routine found here. Slow ramp up, great for conditioning, can be built upon for ever:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

My personal story is that I did the newbie routine and had some excellent results with it lengthwise. But I did not gain much girth. So I added low pressure pumping, as described in the pumpers forum.

I did add girth through pumping, and it is permanent girth.

Main thing for you to remember:

Take your time, dont “hurry” and use plenty of heat. PE is a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Thanks for the replies. Sounds like good stuff. I’ve looked at the newbie routine and it’s seems like everything I’ve been doing for a couple months. I will keep trying it out because the last couple days of intense PE I’ve felt a lot bigger and gained .275 inches girth but length almost seemed to stay the same or go down.

Any other advice please. Adding 440s

You don’t come across as having the patience needed to really get the most out of PE. Hopefully that is something you can work on.

My advice is take accurate measurements now, CONSISTENTLY stick to just the newbie routine for three months then measure again. If you have honestly been consistent for those three months and have NOT grown, only then look at adding new exercises. If you have grown in those three months, then change NOTHING and continue happily growing at that pace. That is the best advice I can give you.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Ya but I’ve done 100’s and 100’s of Jelqs every week for years and barely anything has changed, still left feeling insecure. Thanks for the advice.

Should I do exercises everyday or take a couple off a week. Everyone says take days off but a lot of big gainers do PE everyday. What do you guys think?

Everyone’s member is different. You really won’t know how yours reacts until you try something on it. Some people do have to take days off so they don’t overwork their member, others don’t have to worry about this. But sometimes rest days can be good as it gives extra time for healing.

Thanks for the advice I’ll probably just randomly take a day off because my dick seems to handle anything I throw at it. I was a thick dick so bad. I’m sick of this skinny long thing.

Will wearing a cock ring during PE help girth gains

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