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Willing do more than manual exercises

Willing do more than manual exercises

I PE’d a few years ago and gained up to about 7.25”. That was about an inch in length from my starting size. I took time off, lost some size and have been Peing for about a year. I’m still stuck at 7”. I’m not sure why I can’t gain back what I had before. I’m looking to gain some in the next 4 or 5 months. Even if I gain that 1/4” back. Manual exercises don’t seem to be working. I’m willing to try hanging or extending but I’m worried about discoloration with hanging and I’m uncut so I’m afraid that if I buy a really good extender that I will have issues using it. I can’t waste money like that. Is there anyone else out there that had a similar situation and did you gain when you switched after not gaining for a year with manual exercises?

I have not tried devices, but hanging (with an IR lamp if possible) is a worthy option.

What is your current routine? What routines did you try during the last year?

Current routine is mem’s routine for length. I started doing a linear routine for about 4 months because I was curious if I was a less is more kind of guy. Then I did variations of the newbie routine. Jelqing about 20-25 mins and doing a variety of stretches from 10-20 mins. I use heat in between as well. I did that for about 4 months and then switched to mem’s. I haven’t gained a thing. I loved it when I was seeing gains. Even if it was 0.1” in 6 months I’d still be motivated but it seems like I’m stuck. I would try anything to break through and start gaining again.

Hanging is a good possibility then.

Have a look at bundled stretches too .

how long it has been you dont do any PE now? If you got time and privacy why dont you just give hanging a try? Always check your EQ and jelq at the end of your sessions. check out Bib’s site

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