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Will This Work

Will This Work

Ok, so I’ve been PEing for about two weeks trying to come up with a good routine that will work for me. I’ve figured out that I have a low LOT (so I’m guessing I want to do more upwards stretches?) I’ve even made and used a Captn’s Wench but after further research I think I’m gonna stick to a manual routine for a few months. This is my routine.

0. Warmup for roughly 5 to 10 minutes

1. Roughly 6 or 7 minutes of basic stretching in all angles followed by 5 slow rotations clockwise and 5 counterclockwise that last about 30 seconds each (12 minutes)

2. 5 minute long v-stretches followed by 5 minute long a-stretches (10 minutes)

3. 5 minute long tunica tugs followed by 5 minute long internal stretches (I think that’s what it called) (10 minutes)

4. I then proceed to do 200 jelqs making my erection level a little higher every 50 jelqs (starting at around 25% and finishing at around 80%) 20 minutes

Total Time is app. 1 hour.

Does this seem like a good routine? Also, how do I cool down? Is there anything I seem to be missing?

Cool. Have you looked at bib’s hangers. They are really nice. I have been hanging with it now for a couple months really enjoy hanging more than tugging on the thing for hours. To cool down you could use a rice sock or warm bath cloth I suppose.

Yeah. I made a homemade one out of some pipe insulation and a cable clamp with a hook on the end. LoL. It worked pretty good and then I made the wench. I was thinking about getting an actual bib hanger in a few months once my fella becomes a little more adjusted to all the new exercise that it is getting but I don’t want to rush it.

Is it necessary to take rest days or can I just go full tilt for a while? And if it is necessary to take rest days, are there still exercises that can be performed on these days? IE: light jelqing and/or stretching or should it just be left alone for that day?

Sorry about all the questions!! LoL

Good luck :) sounds alright to me, are you looking for length mostly?

And you are sure you aren’t overdoing things?

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

A real good way to fuck things up is to go “full tilt” and then get a major setback, loosing both gains, interest and motivation. How about doing the Newbie Routine?

Kegels taget BC which are regular muscles - they need their off days too, just like any training. Doing piss pulls (gentle tug after peeing) and sleep fowfers should do you fine on your rest days.

Make sure to read the “Is less more or more less” thread too.

regards, mgus

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Yes you do need rest days, and rest days means no exercises (even light). The only thing you could do, if you like, are Kegel’s.

You should also read this..

Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

Good luck.

Ok. So I’ll take your guys’ advice and maybe tone it down just a little. I definitely don’t want to be injuring myself. I tried the newbie routine when I first started for like a week but it didn’t really feel “intense” at all. To be honest it didn’t even feel like I was working out at all. Is that how it’s supposed to be? And if not how could I up it a little to get a decent workout without overdoing it?

Your advice is definitely appreciated since I am a “newbie” after all!!

P.S. What would your guys’ advice be on using the magnetic weights after a workout? The ones for ADS. I ordered some a few weeks ago ( have not received them yet ) but that is what got me into researching weights and stuff.which is what led me to this site.leading me to believe it IS possible!

Listen to the vets and stick with the newbie routine until you’re fully conditioned for the more advanced stuff.

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