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Will this work

Will this work

Hey I have been jelqing for a little while and gained significant girth but I still want to add to my length. My question tho is will I just gain some more length while just focusing on lig stretches and giving up on jelqing for a while as I have no time and don’t want any more girth? By the way my LOT is about 9:00 and I am not sure if there is different ways of stretching for different LOT’s if there is can someone please tell me?

Thanks 4 your help

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you just stretch, you are very unlikely to gain any girth. You sound so worried… What is your humongous girth anyways and why don’t you want to even accidentally have more?

Different angles to stretch in different LOTs. I recommend you read about the subject a little more. You can start for example here.

Oh and by the way… Not “4”, okay?

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Stretch in any and all directions. You can consentrate a bit more on low angle stretching (toward the floor) to hit the ligs a bit more. I wouldn’t give up totally on the jelqs just yet. Just because you gained some girth doen’t mean you will keep it all if you quit doing them so quickly. Even if it’s just a couple of minutes keep jelqing for a while. Find the time to do it.


Start your workout with flaccid stretches after a warm-up. Jelking works well for both length and girth. Keep at it and you will, odds are, get both.



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