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Will this help me with my gains

Will this help me with my gains

Right now I’m taking Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Nitric Oxide Overdrive it contains

L-arginine-xanthinol nicotinate
L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate
L-arginine methyl ester dihydrochloride

I read on here that L-Arginine can help with your gains along with daily PE routines, will taking this help with my gains?

I’m gonna go with… no.

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15 grams of L-arginine a day will help with blood flow but you do not need to take all 3. PE is going to help you gain. The supplement is just an aid.

Diet may play a very minuscule part, but I doubt you’d notice a big difference.

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

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In that it might be easier to jelq with the plumper unit caused by L-arginine perhaps yes. As in the supp actually helping to make your wee-wee bigger? No.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Arginine can help increase blood flow, which may lead to harder erections. I found that 2-3 grams of L-arge per day helped my EQ (or it may have been the PE - I don’t really know). As to helping achieve real gains it is unlikely any current pills will have any effect.

Maybe in 15 years or so you can take a pill that will give you a “nanodick”.

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