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Will switching routines help gains......?

Will switching routines help gains......?

Or am i on track?

When I first started PE’ing I did the wet jelq routine for about a month but I really wanted to focus on girth so I switched over to clamping. I’ve been clamping for almost a year now and have gone from 4.6 mid shaft girth to about 5-5.1 mid shaft. I’m happy with that, but now that I’m completing this year of PE I wonder if I should switch routines to help with girth growth, or just continue with the clamp.

One thing that disappoints me about my clamping sessions is that when I clamp and expand, I only expand up to about 5.25” to 5.35(ish) during the 3rd 10-min session. I don’t expand very much as where I hear from some of you guys that you expand almost half inch up or more from your normal hard-on. But clamping is still working for me, slowly, so I’m not really complaining.

I have added stretches to my routine because, though I haven’t measured, somehow I feel like I’m getting shorter in length.

I realise that I am lacking girth and want to continue gaining girth since I’m happy with my length, but maybe some of you vets have some knowledge to share with me now that I’m at my year mark. I don’t know, should I clamp lightly and start wet jelqing again? dry? or just continue to clamp……

Thanks for any advice in advance :)


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The reason why you “feel” like you are getting shorter in length is probably because you are getting thicker, giving you the optical illusion of less length.

From what I keep reading is once you go high intensity, you cant go back to low intensity and try to gain from that, not without a long deconbreak. And clamping is considered the highest intensity girth exercises so I dont think wet jelqing will do anything special for your girth right now since your penis is too conditioned.

You can give heavy manual girth exercises a try like Uli’s, Horse 440’s, Orange bends etc. In any case you can always add other exercises to supplement the clamping.

If girth is your goal then you might as well stick to it, but I have noticed that when the penis becomes conditioned to the exercises that you are performing growth can slow down or stop entirely. There have been lots of threads about “jump starting” your gains again and some of the more interesting ways to do this that I have read were to:

1) De-conditioning break
2) Change your routine and use different exercises
3) Switch to length for a while and then switch back
4) Try pumping / hanging

My favorite girth exercise is o-bends. Back when I was doing girth work it would get WAAAY more expansion doing o-bends in the shower for 10 minutes than clamping for a whole hour!

Good luck.

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Well keep clamping and jelqing and I would suggest at the end of your jelqing session you should do horse 440s or Sadsak Slinky’s they work really well just don’t overdo it good luck.

Yeah, I try not to over do it. I find that if I do over do it, I have a hard time getting it up at night so I’m careful about it. It’s like it’s tired or something, lol.


Beginning (no PE) (6-30-08--7.25" BPEL, midshaft 4.6" EG) ** (7-1-09 -- 7.25" BPEL, midshaft 5.1"EG)

Haha yeah I know the feeling of having a “tired” penis after doing intense workouts

If you are going for girth, try out high erection dry jelqing with some squeezes thrown in.

What you should have done was maxed out of your manual work first because clamping has a way of shortening the amount of gains you can produce.

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