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Will PE inflame extensive circumcision scarring?

Will PE inflame extensive circumcision scarring?

Hi there,

New to PE but am really keen to implement a regime. Incidentally this is also the first time I have ever posted on the Internet with concerns about my penis, which is a personal disgrace really considering how insecure I’ve been about my dick in the past and how much Internet trawling I’ve done in the past in search of answers..

Anyway the problem is I have considerable scarring and redness from a circumcision I had performed as a baby - not just your regular, neat white line but an uneven, asymmetrical bulging scar that is particularly thickened and red on the left side of my shaft. I should point out that it is only particularly apparent when I’m erect. I’m not exaggerating when I say it looks bad. I’ve tried scar creams in the past (Mederma) but either they have been ineffective or I haven’t applied it for long enough.

So my first query, (unrelated to PE I suppose) is is there anything else I could try to reduce this scarring? I have heard of silicone strips being effective but I understand this treatment works best on newly formed scars (mine is about 21 years old.) I also have wondered about the practicality of having my member wrapped up constantly but from the contraptions I have seen devised on this site for stretching make me realize worrying about few strips of fabric pales in comparison! The other, more drastic option would be to pursue laser surgery or surgical removal, but either of this approaches is obviously costly and dangerous.

So with that out the way, could anyone advise as to whether a fairly intensive PE regime is likely to cause any exacerbation of this scarring? It’s difficult for me to say whether the scarring has been worsened from beating it over the years (surprisingly having not photographically documented my penis in the past) but obviously a PE will be a considerable step up in terms of stressing the tissues. Although I am not expecting anyone to have as bad scarring as I have (to this date I have never seen a penis with similar scarring in all the porn I have watched, and that is a lot.), if anyone has noticed an increase in the normal level of circumcision scarring from jelqing etc. It would be very helpful to hear from you.

Incidentally if anyone else could direct me to other sites where I might be able to tackle the scarring issue too I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance people! :)

I don’t see how PE would be any different than jerking off. If jerking off has not caused you harm then neither will PE. However a larger penis may make the scar look smaller and not as significant. Just my opinion.

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Trouble with PE is that it actively stresses the tissues and (I presume) causes breakage and repairing of cells in much the same way as muscle building works. If that same process is happening with the scar tissue I imagine the results could be the same? Or perhaps scar tissue is unresponsive to such a process whilst the healthy active skin on the shaft grows around it?


Right I let this one slide but I’m still keen as ever to hear some feedback! I want to get ‘to work’ people, can anyone give me some answers?! Cheers :)

So I tried the silicone strips for a while (1 1/2 months or so), and, besides being a pain in the ass to have to keep wearing, they seemed to aggravate the skin on my dick, not smooth it. So I’m basically back to where I started. If anything I might even be tempted to say the skin is less sensitive than before, although I might be imagining it.

Now I stopped caring about the scar for the meantime, I’ve starting properly with a jelqing routine. If anyone could speak from experience as to whether my original question may still be a concern it would be good to hear from you, because it’s ON now, I can’t keep messing about!


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QUIT masturbation. Jelq instead.

I can only state my opinion: I would move forward with PE and with the jelqing I would select a lube that will be good both for jelqing and also for scars.

I have discoloration on the lower half of my penis from girth work. Not too bad, but the circumcision line seems to be the demarcation between discoloration and normal. The line itself has not changed significantly though.

Check my signature for my pictures and you can see if 18 months has change it in your opinion. Unfortunately most of them I have the line covered with my thumb or tape measure.

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