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Will my tunica damage go away

Will my tunica damage go away

I injured my tunica after 6 weeks of hanging. I stopped all PE and then 2-3 weeks later began the linear b newbie routine. After a week the tunica damage became apparent again. I have been off all PE again for at least 2 weeks, but the shaft still stays fairly hard for several hours a day. Luckily there is no pain. Maybe it is peyronie’s disease, will this go away? I would appreciate some feedback fellas.

I know you did it with hanging but how?

Yeah, explain it better. Did you see a Doc? What kind of injury you had exactly? How it happened?

I hung without enough rest between sets and/or with too much weight. After I completed a 30 minute session with 12 1/12 lbs my flaccid penis got rock hard, as hard as any erection I have had, the entire tunica was this way. It has softened up a bit, but it is still often hard in a flaccid state.

What kind of hanger where you using?


I seriously believe that you need to see a doctor right now. It’s not something that you can wait out like red spots or temporary numbness. After you stopped PE initially for 2-3 weeks (before doing the linear newbie) did it return to normal? Coz it could also be possible that you just haven’t recovered fully yet and restarted with PE too soon.

I don’t hang, but 12.5 lbs sounds like a lot to start.

The penis is pretty resilient, and it will probably be alright (although, I’m not a professional). I would apply a heating pad or a rice sock every night to help the healing. Of course, if you’ve shown absolutely no signs of improvement yet, it might not help much. It can’t hurt though.

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