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Will my gains be affected

Will my gains be affected

Hello all. I have been non-consistently PEing for the last 5 months. Very non consistent due to injures and over working my unit. I never give it enough time to heal because I’m an idiot, and I masterbate and beat my dick like it owes me money, occasionally. I have completely cut out the masturbation (starting yesterday lol doing pretty well so far) and I’m going to give it a good 2 weeks before a start up with my light routine again. I feel like my 6.25 BPEL won’t even be able to penetrate a vagina very well so I definitely am going to have discipline and try to make some gains. Anyways ill cut the bullshit and get to my question. Do you think the last 5 months will kill some of the gains that I could of made in the future? Also should I give it a month or two off and start completely fresh? I’m hoping some of you have had the same experience and can help me out.


Your penis is not small. It is average, possibly even slightly above average. I think taking two weeks off will be a good idea. After two weeks, if you don’t experience positive PI’s then take a further two weeks off. However, if everything becomes fine, I would say go ahead with your routine but be very careful and take it lightly.

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Lmao @ Beat my dick like it owes me money.okisher please tell me your routine!

Thanks Okisher. Do you know if that hurt my chances of gaining more? Or will it be the same since I have gained little to nothing so far?

Let your penis recover. The more you overworked, the more time you need to rest. Now you have learned a lesson, so it’s not all a waste. You are young, you have all the time you need to achieve gains. Don’t be overzealous.

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