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Will Jelqing Work If It Keeps Going Down

Will Jelqing Work If It Keeps Going Down

Gonabbiger has got yet another problem. When I’m performing my newbie wet jelq routine, not only is it quite small when flaccid sometimes, my cock also keeps going down.

I’ve watched the video on jelqing on here, and the guy has no problems as his hard and long.

It’s not gonna work for me if I keep losing my erection is it?

Anyone else have this problem and what can I do about it goddam it.

No my man, I’m starting off with about 70% hard on.

Then it just goes down as soon as I start to jelq, don’t think it likes my touch.

Ill have to get my women to do it.

Just off to the pub now ill have to answer the posts tomorrow.

Bye for now my good buddies

Some will say that flacid jelking works better.

Try watching porn as you jelq. Only watch it when you start getting soft. Once you get a little too hard, stop watching. Back and forth.

It depends on how long after i masturbate how my erection while jelqing is. Sometimes i cant stay 50-80% erect to do my jelqs, sometimes i cant stop from becoming fully erect. I havent figured out the right amount of time to wait after masturbating yet =(

It also depends on what you are focusing on. If you are focusing on girth you are going to want to keep that erection level pretty high.

Most of my girth gains have come from close to erect jelqing, and I have obviously gained no length.

Starting size: 7"x5.25" bp

Current size: 7.25"x5.875" bp

Goal size: 8.75"x6" bp

I jelq at around 90% erect.

Soy gringo, por favor perdone mis errores.

So does flacid jelqing work?

I am fairly new and have been jelquing and noticed some great gains but I am yet to measure. I was just wondering what is the scientific explanation behind jelquing?how is it expanding all of my penis from squeezing?

It expands because your forcing more blood in the chambers than there usually is. Take a bag, fill with air and close it, then push down on it, that’s the same effect.

You should jelq in sets. Do 25 jelqs after that you should be loosing your erection, so stop, regain that erection and go for another set of 25. I jelq at 100% down to 70% wich is where I’ve gotten my best gains.

I don’t know about flaccid jelquing, I mean, when your erect, your expanded at your fullest, if you force blood, your essentially stretching your max to a new max. But that’s just my opinion.

Wohoo I do what you do with the sets. Except I start at less than 100, probably 90 percent hardness.

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