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Will jelqing stunt growth

Will jelqing stunt growth

A long time ago when I was about 16 I tried jelqing for about a month. I did not notice any damage or anything to cause alarm, but I recently heard somewhere that jelqing could stunt the growth of the penis at that age. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this occurring?

This will be nice to know.but I doubt it because a few members here were talking about them teaching their kids at that age.But not sure.

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I would just not recommend it to anyone whose penis is still growing during puberty.

My name is sarcastic.

The average 16 year old whacks off so much that jelqing would be like a drop in the ocean when it comes to penile stress.



I’m almost 19 and I’m about to start with a goal for me of 7.5 NBPEL by the age of 21 I’m 6.8 BPEL now i think!

Most studies I have come across report that the penis stops growing at around 16 anyway. I would have thought that a very gentle jelqing routine during natural growth would maximize it.

Mine stopped growing around 19 (late developer).

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I just started around 18. I really hope that my youth helps me in my gains. It seems like it would maximise natural growth if anything in my opinion.

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I’ve heard that PE, not just jelqing, when the penis is still growing (when you’re fairly young) MAY hurt the natural growth process. Although I’ve heard the complete opposite as well, some say it can help to boost the natural growth. My opinion, let it grow naturally and don’t start PE too early, perhaps 18-20 is the youngest you should start PE. Remember, we have old members that has experience good gains so there’s no need to try and hurry up and PE while you are young.

I would go easy on it. There is no point in diving into this stuff if you are still potentially growing. Wait a year or so before doing anything. It might be OK, but it could end up being detrimental. Take it easy is my advice. Generally when you’re young you have the tendency to overdue things. I think all of the older members of this board will attest to this. No point in potentially damaging your penis. I think at your age too, it shouldn’t be something you should focus on. Have fun in your relationships, don’t worry about penis size.

But say for like a 16/17 year old?i thought it would help the penis to grow faster(imo) When i was 16 i did workouts and my workouts were more efficient then rather then now. But hey,I’m sure 1/4 of these people in this started when they were 16/17 min and tell their kids as i stated before.

P.s- im going to teach my son(when i get one) Reguardless. If it helped me im sure it will help others who use this gift correctly. =D
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Current 9-30-2009~ BPEL~7.2 inches EG~5.2inches FL 5 inches

Goal By Turkey day~ BPEL~7.5 inches EG~6.0inches FL 5 inches

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But in my opinion Jelqing at the end of puberty would only benefit penile growth.
I feel quite lucky because I have started PE at a relatively young age.

So it means I would get more potential benefit as I will hopefully keep the gains through my 20s.
More gaining time.

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