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Will it stay

Will it stay

After I reach my goal, are the results permanent, or will my unit shrink a little?
On Another note, I came up with a program for myself, it’s simple but fairly intense.

1) Hot shower
2) up, down, left, right, and straight out stretch 30 sec apiece
3) 10-15 min of fairly intense jelq
4) 5 min hot wrap

Looking for input. Thanks.

1/29/05 Start: 5 x 4.5


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It may shrink a little ( as some have noted), but all of my gains stayed even after a long layoff.

Your routine looks fine, just be careful with the jelq intensity as you could easily injure yourself before your unit has becomed accustomed to the rigours of PE.

The last time I stopped I lost about a half inch BP after gaining about a inch. When I started again the length came back quickly.

The longer in months/ years that you PE, the greater and more permanent the gains. Four years and counting here…


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That question presumes you are going to stop. Don’t go in with that attitude. Come into it believing you will love it so much that you will never quit. I mean you will definitely cut down on intensity after a while, but PE is so much more than just gaining size. It’s about keeping active and healthy penises. I now have a life long commitment to PE (penis enhancement). Once you start, that question will definitely disappear, but the gains…ah the gains….they are forever, my friend.


Thanks to everyone for the replys!! RTG, the decision to stop would not be my own. My wife of 9 years, and I have an extremely open relationship, like brutally open. She (without feeling the gains first ) is afraid that she won’t like it “too big”. (Is there such a thing?)) I read in another post- what is the point of having a monster if you can’t use it?. Me personally, If this works, I WON’T stop. So thats where I stand. I guess you could say it’s all about me for a change. Tired of being below average!

Thanks again for the replys, keep ‘em comeing, I will keep posted.


1/29/05 Start: 5 x 4.5


I hear your pain T-Rav. My wife said the same thing to me. But I believe you can PE and not get bigger. Once I hit my goal (8x6) I will just do a “maintenance routine a couple days a week. By maintenance I mean keeping the size and health I gained over my more intense PE times. Of course I have a ways to go to hit that goal so I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Good luck to you. Keep us up to date.


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