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Will I recover

Will I recover

I started jelqing for about 7-8 weeks ago with the newbie routine and I immediately started seeing results with better and harder erections.and I think I got a little bit out of control somewhere.. I started squeezing and pulling almost every time I masturbated and even when just sitting in front of the TV.. And now it’s been about 10 days I have lost the feeling from the bottom of the shaft to almost the top of I’m having trouble getting it up and when it gets up it’s about 80% and not longer than 5 seconds can it gain full size.. I have not felt any pain accept some time I feel some odd thing in the balls but I can still cum.. And only when I press at the bottom of the shaft I can almost gain full length.. I’ve decided to take a break from jelqing and masturbating.. I will use the hot towel and light to my question do you think I’ve can have done some permanent damage because this thing is really starting to get me nervous I almost feel like crying.

Your penis needs time to heal.

When people break a bone, they wear a cast. The reason for wearing the cast is because, for the bone to heal, there must be little movement. Similarly, for your penis to heal, you need to stop jelqing and masturbating so as to allow recovery, which is a good idea that you’ve put into practice.

Could you be more specific about your injury? Was there any bleeding? If yes, how much?

For the sensitivity problem, it could be nerve damage. My advise is to wait and see if it heals after a few months. If nothing changes after 3 or 4 or 5 months, you should probably see a neurologist (or urologist? I don’t know) to check for nerve damage.

Also, I read that the supplement Lecithin can help with nerve repair. I don’t know much about it, but another ThundersPlace member probably does.

I can personally relate. When I first started jelqing about a year ago, I experienced a similar injury. The same problems you are describing happened to me. I stayed away from jelqing and masturbation for the longest time. My sensitivity and erection quality slowly but surely came back (I also tried taking the supplements Lecithin and Vitamin E to help with recovery, but I don’t know if those worked or it was just my seeing it). Eventually after 6 months, I tried to wear an all-day stretcher (ADS) for PE for 8 hours per day. I was unhappy with the ADS because I was only growing 0.5 cm every two to three months. Recently, I’ve tried jelqing again in order to speed up my gains, despite having a very scary injury, but this time I’m extra, extra careful in order to avoid injury.

Further, I’d like to advise you to stay hopeful and not feel so helpless about your injury. I injured myself too but I recovered slowly but surely, and you can too! Good luck.

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woona, welcome aboard.

I pray you to read the Forum Guidelines, we like members observe them.

About your supposed injury, I think it’s just overworking.

You can achieve a full erection pressing at the bottom of your penis because you are relaxing ligs, I think - this should demonstrate that they are contrapted, due the overwork you’ve done.

Avoid imposing stress to your penis for some weeks.
If you are really worried, ask advice to an urologist, this would be good for keeping you calm.

Stop all PE for a few weeks to give it a chance to heal.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Same thing happened to me, but on the first time I PE’d. I over did it, squeezed and pulled way to hard. It was back in march. I have fully recorvered now. Took about a month and a half. You will be fine, if you just let yourself heal! Don’t do any PE’ing, don’t masterbate, try not to have anytype of intercourse, no alchohol, eat clean, excercise, and drink plenty of water!! A few weeks you will be good to go

Thanks for the answers guys.I’ve feel a relief now.. Next time I will follow the recommendations and not to PE with that much intense.I will come back with a report of the healing process.. I hope you others don’t try to do the same thing and start with so much intensity.go slowly forward!

Yea dude same thing happend to me and my EQ came back after 2 weeks of resting. Last night I was jelqing and my penis was 110% erected. After jelqing my penis looked like the ones in

After reading the first two lines in my signature everyone should read the third one very slow!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I’ve done really mean things to my dick through PE, the more time off the better, don’t risk it. I’ve put myself out of commission for 4 weeks because I couldn’t wait.

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