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Will I Get Anywhere

Will I Get Anywhere

Hey guys

After over-training I’m back..

This time I do NOT want to over train (I was just doing the newbie routine as well.)

So my new routine is simple as it gets.

1 day on
1 day off

5mins stretching
5mins jelqing

Gradually work up the intensity as my penis gets used to wtf is happening

I kegel from time to time but atm the way I see it is, I’ll get my penis upto speed size wise then work on kegels, or am I looking at this wrong?

Thoughts guys?


It’s easy to over train - whatever you do!

It’s a bit adifficult to say whether your new routine is good or bad as we do not know what caused your over-train. .

If you give us some idea o your original routine we could analyse that. and perhaps see where you overdid it.

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I was just doing the newbie routine, spot on everything exactly how it’s written down

Thats about it :(

Well you realised you were over-training the first time, and you should recognise the signs this time even sooner to correct yourself if need be.

Kegel away though, they are something I keep forgetting to do myself… hence my signature!:)

Good luck.

Regular newbie was too much for me. It is a lot of jelqs. My newbie routine was in the 90 to 120 jelq range, and I grew with that.

You might want to try that Linear Newbie, it is a nice way to ramp up.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Some guys do better with that kind of thing — check out this thread sometime if you haven’t already:

Is starting out lesser necessarily better

Pringles Can - Is starting out lesser necessarily better

Originally Posted by Pringles Can
Evergrowing - I started PE to get a more healthy penis, the size part - if I gained any - was to be a bonus. I started with only 40 jelqs a day and progressively worked up to 100 a day at the six month mark. I still after 13 months, only do 100 jelqs a day and some light stretching. I have worked on bettering my technique since I reached 100 and continue to slowly gain. I started a 2 on 1 off routine. After I started to plateau (around the 8 month mark) - I switched to 2 days on and 2 days off and my PI’s increased dramatically and I began to gain again. So far I have gained 1.13” in length and a frog-hair over 1/2” in girth. My point is why not start slow and see if it works for you. So many people that race through the newbie stage and move on to more advanced exercises are passing up the easiest gains you can get from PE. “Less is more” works, it is safer, and maximizes gains. Good Luck!!


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