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Will I cause damage with attempting PE can PE help with prior damage

Will I cause damage with attempting PE can PE help with prior damage

I am not new to PE, and when I did it in the past, it appears that I might have done some permanent damage. I think I did the jelq a little to vigorous and towards the tip of my penis it got bigger faster.. At lot faster. I stopped and it’s been like 2 years, most of it has faded, but sometimes after getting really cold, usually when I went swimming or something, my penis looks twice the size towards the end. I was curious if restarting PE will just make this all worse, or if I do the exercises with more patience, the growth will be more normal. Also, can I some how reverses the “damage”, and possibly get middle of my penis to catch up the the end. Any information can help!

If you feel you have a problem see a urologist right away, I recently injured myself and saw one. It can put your mind at ease a little bit when a professional explains whats going on to you.

How does your penis function? Are you getting normal erections in general? If so, nothing much to worry about, IMO.

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