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Will I be able to PE again


Narrow urethra? Isn’t that what Hank Hill is afflicted with?

Anyway, I am no doctor, but it sounds like you made the classic newbie mistake of doing too much too soon. Give it as long as it needs to heal. It may be another 6 months! But don’t even think about starting PE again until you are 100 % sure it is healed.

I hope it isn’t broken forever, but if it is it just goes to show that ignoring the wisdom of TP will just get you injured.

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Hmm I always feel pain on my glands after jelqing,I thought that was normal,don’t you all feel a aching pain in the head area?

You may have a prickly feeling in your corona after jelqing, it is pretty much a “newbie sensation,” and after a period of disciplined PE activity there is less bruising due to growing resistance and development of the tissue. Anything aching should dissipate in less than an hour or two.

If you do have to wait another period of time, I suggest you do something in place of PE, like learn a language or something. Free online courses are available, and if you put in roughly the same amount of time that you would into PE, you can really develop yourself.


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