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Will giving your Penis shock treatment help?

Will giving your Penis shock treatment help?

Hell all,

This is just a thought and a theory I have, it may be totally wrong and is probably totally wrong but I want to share it with yo all anyway.

Most of us warm up our tools before our workout i.e Hot wrap/Hot shower, what I was thinking is when you make the Penis warm, you allow it to become more flexible and able to expand more but what if you made your penis cold or never warmed up at all, when you begin to Jelq would the shock of not being warm cause more micro tears more quickly due to the cells not being able to expand as much?? if this were so would you not make bigger gains more quickly, any thoughts would be great……

I’m a newbie, so I don’t know if I’m correct. But my guess would be, it’d do more harm than good. Just like any other part of the body, when you work out, you need to warm up first as well as warm down. As with any exercise, not warming up just increases the risk of injury (which should be a lot more important in this case, considering it’s your manhood we’re talking about! Lol)

Hope that helps. Maybe someone more informed will be able to explain better.

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I heard giving your penis shock treatments can stop it from stuttering.

Could you define stuttering, I’m not too sure what that is.

St.. st.. st… stuttering is is wh.. wh.. wh .. fuck it, never mind.

T tt to sp ss sp spee speak wi wi with in inv in invol in involuntary di disss dis disss di…. ah fff fu fukkk f*ck it!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

From my experience working out a cold dick just increases injury and major discoloration!

The process of warming is based on the idea that warm tissues will stretch (fibres slide) with less damage than in cold tissues. If you did an intense shock treatment (warm or cold, but especially if cold), you would probably get some notable gains, but the damage incurred would set you back somewhat, as the time for tissue normalisation would be far greater. So, in the long run you would be spinning your wheels. Warm and gentle gets you there in much the same timeframe, but without the same injury risks.

Stick to warming up bamixgee. Even if your thoughts are correct, you at greater risk for injury if you don’t warm up first. Sure there are plenty of guys who don’t warm up and are fine (I have been one of them, but am going back to a good warm up), but are getting gains quickly really worth a greater potential for hurting yourself?


Cheers all for your input guys, it was just a thought I had, I do always warm up, but seen as we are all pioneers in this game experimenting and chewing over techniques and theroys in the quest to develop the best routines, we should continue to ask questions who knows what we may discover.. :-)

Very true. He who does not question does not know everything, he just does not care to learn.


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