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Will edging help in this case

Will edging help in this case

Hey guys!

I’ve been edging now for a long period, and it helps at the shaft. But it seems that the head of the penis is just to sensitive. I can easy cum in like 10 seconds if I just focus on the head of the penis.

Will edging really help in the cases when the head is so sensitive? Are their any else solution when the head is a mess to deal with?

Sorry for some bad English

Can you clarify what you are wanting to accomplish with edging?

That is

- are you edging to last longer in bed?
- are you edging to help cement PE gains?

And before we get too far - sensitive head and frenulum? NORMAL! and WONDERFUL! This is not a “mess” to deal with. It is a blessing!

Edging should help over time but you need to be patient. How long have you been edging so far?

You probably should strengthen your pelvic flood muscles also. I have noticed a huge difference from that. I did tons of BC exercises and I believe it actually contributed to premature ejaculation because it caused an imbalance of those muscles, it wasn’t until I began training all of my muscles down there that I started feeling better control.

When edging remember to sit down and relax first, maybe massage your entire unit (not for fun) from anus to tip to increase blood flow.
Don’t watch porn while edging!

I’m edging so I can last longer in bed.

If I could I would skip having that feeling at the head, because its makes me into a 1 minute man.

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