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Will clamping change my skin tone?


Originally Posted by sta-kool
Well, first things first:


Do the newbie routine for a few months. You need to learn about your penis and see how it tolerates PE before you think about doing an advanced exercise. If you don’t you are more likely to injure yourself with such an ex

jaylough, you may not be a newbie, but others reading the thread are so I feel like I need to state this.


I clamped for a little while, I got discoloration. Other things made me decide clamping is not for me.

Yeah I co-sign this. Clamping creates a kind of pressure you couldn’t even imagine on the penis. I didn’t do it til 6 months of PE, and most people say you should wait longer than that.

I actually just started doing Uli’s last night. I do not think i am quite ready for clamping. I thought my technique was semi decent but I am sure there is room for improvement. Here is what I did:

Got up to 100 percent erect and squeezed the base of my penis with my thumb, index finger and middle finger and held this for 30 seconds. I repeated this eight times. It felt pretty intense but I had trouble maintaining a full erection for all 30 seconds.


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