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Will be doing more than just PE

Will be doing more than just PE

Hey guys, new here, but been aware of all of this for a long while and I’m finally finding the motivation to dedicate time to all of this. So, will doing the Newbie Routine for a few weeks to see where that gets me. However,

I’ll also be attempting to grow my balls and seed production as well. I heard of a technique from someone that can help get them bigger along with a few supplements for the more seamen. I’ll see how it goes for the first

Month or so and if there’s some solid results I’ll post about it in progress reports. For now I’ll see where everything takes me. Just hope I can stay dedicated! XD

Welcome to the club, GrowingDM. Pretty much everything you need to know is posted somewhere here in our forum. Stick with the newbie routine, as planned, and good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Thank you very much! I completed my first routine last night. I’ll be doing my second later today. I plan to mathematically increase my time every week over the course of 6 weeks to that that 6 week mark.

I’ll probably need to make myself a chart for that.

Hi welcome id also like to say be careful with trying to grow you balls i believe the only way to do so the safe way is to find away to increase testosterone. there has also been a study saying men with bigger balls are usually not as good of dads. now idk if you have kids i cant judge you on that just a fact.

As do your semen drink water and theirs vitamins and herbs to help with that , for increase sperm count make sure to get a lot of Zinc . good luck

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