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Wife wants me to quit


Wife wants me to quit

I’m not a newbie by any means but, this is the only place I can post.

Over the years of doing pe I have made great gains, 1.5” in length and .5 in girth. Most of my gains came from jelqing alone believe it or not. My current size is 6.5 x 5.5. My wife has known all along about what I do and has been very supportive. Between her doing kegels and me doing pe we now “fit” pretty well. I’ve told my wife my goal ix 7x6 and she has been alright with that but, last night she said sometimes when we have sex her gut hurts the next morning. I asked her if I was hitting the bottom and she said yes. My wife loves balls deep hard sex and she is worried if I get any bigger she will not be able to take it.

Does she want me to quit?

I asked and she said lets wait a little while and see how it goes.
What do you guy’s think?

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Listen to her. Just maintain what you got. Those are the words we would all like to hear!

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PE isn’t something that once you stop you can’t start up again.

You can stop, enjoy what you and your wife have and if you want more you know how to get more.

Good advice! Thanks

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Yeah man just maintain what you have, that’s good that she is saying your big, and you can always comeback like they said


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Stop for now. I have had lovers in the past who got sore after sex and that usually meant no more nookie for 4 or 5 days.

Would you rather have a cock that gets wet on a regular basis, or a larger one that looks nice, but doesn’t get used as much?

And I don’t know about your wife, but I have had some lovers who absolutely went nuts for the sensation of my (or some other guy’s) balls slapping against their clit or fanny during sex, and if you are boxing her cervix or causing her pain by bottoming out, that won’t happen.

And contrary to what seems to be the opinion of a lot of guys here, 6.5” x 5.5” is a size that most women love.

1.5”x0.5” is excellent, congratulations!

I suggest you keep doing PE for penis health if your wife is happy with your current size.

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If I was you I wouldn’t stop .Girls always lie how they sore to give us a ego boost.If you grew another 2 inches she would take it anyways.Well good luck with that

Thanks RedBear that makes me feel alot better. I’m like most guy’s here, I started pe because I was insecure about the way I looked and I could tell my wife needed a little more. I know I’m not where I want to be but, that’s probably more about ego then anything else. 5.5 girth might not seem like alot but when I watch porn I swear those guys don’t look as thick as me and my wife says the same thing.

I’ll have another talk with her tonight and see what she says.

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Has she ever said anything about your girth being too big?

Great work and results, I would listen to your wife, she seems to be very happy with your current size, just do PE to maintain penile good health. My wife was the same way loved to hav my balls and penis in her as nuch and close as possible.


I would listen to your wife, you can always get bigger if you need to. I’m the exact same size as you, encouraging words you are giving. My I ask how big is your wife? Height and weight I mean.

EDIT: Your wife has noticed your gains correct? She has seen you go from 5-6.5” etc? So she does know that PE works?

Great gains maybe you should listen to her but if I was you I’d stealth pe :P
I’m obsessed but PE is such a nice hobby. I would not quit if I was you maybe just tone done your routine so it maintains your size. You want to make sure your gains are cemented.

In all, I recommend a maintenance routine if you want to quit for your wife.

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I would listen to her and just maintain what you got man! As long as you do light jelqs and don’t push your routine your will be able to cement your gains without getting any bigger. Cheers, this is actually great news. You are a lucky guy!

I am 7x5.5 and I am aiming at 6 girth. I also discuss pe openly with my wife and she wouldn’t mind a little more. So I am aiming at 7.5 x 6. When I use cock rings I can get a little over 7 in length and 6in girth and she loves it. So that is my goal.

If you fit perfectly with her, you are set dude!


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To answer a couple of questions, my wife hasn’t complained about girth.
Her size is 5’4” 130lbs I’m not sure what that has to do with anything though.

Update.. I just talked to her again and told her I was asking for advice on here and she laughed and said I’ll tell you when I can’t take it any more. Go figure!

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