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WidthGirth Gains or Routines.

WidthGirth Gains or Routines.

Hey everyone. I’m a 28yr old black male from the city of sex (Miami). First off I have always been obsessed with size ever since seeing my first porno mag, and not to mention the likes of Jeff Stryker, Peter North and John Holmes. And the brotha’s in the 70’s films, geesh.I wouldn’t have thought that black men had shorter than 9inches. Also, it doesnt help that down here there are lots of different ethnic backgrounds, many of whom have large cocks. Well this obsesssion has grown since being in college and seeing (and hearing about) other members prowess. Also, I have met several girls that have told me they have taken cocks 9inches or more. In fact the consensus is 8-9 inches is best (and thick). So.. Starting with a not so impressive 6.5 inch cock with 5 inch girth, what is my possibility of reaching 8.5 to 9 inches or even as long as 9.5?? But I especially want to know what do any of you guys suggest to help me gain a REALLY THICK, REALLY FAT, Cock, I’d take 7.5 to 8.5 if it was really thick. I have stared pe in the last month and feel that the stretching is having an effect, any tips? I want maximum gains, and I am soooooo willing to work for them just tell me how.

It is going to take time no matter how hard you work. Consistency is key. Stick with a routine for a while, see if you are making gains, if not, change the routine. You have to find out what works for YOU. For now, I know you will gain great with plenty of manual stretches, and plenty of jelqing. Good luck man.

Need to work. It is like in bodybuilding. Like philadelph said, you need consistency. Start with the newbie routine, and work your way to more intense exercise with time. Good luck.

As for the length and girth gains you’re looking for, I think it is possible.

Cool, I am really wanting to work towards something like 8.5 to 9 inches with 6.5inch girth. Is this possible?

I think your girth goal is reachable. Just keep at it. Take your time and stay dedicated. You may reach your length goal, but it will take a long time. 2.5 to 3 inches doesn’t come easy.


I dabbled in P.E. For about two or three years now. Never was dedicated to anything, so of course I didn’t see any gains except for the natural swelling of doing various methods of P.E. For the first time. Sort of like when you leave the gym pumped up but then go back to normal size. I tried 3 types of pills and nothing (at all). Tried pumping but it scared me. Didn’t like the disfigurement and feeling of the penis afterwards. So.over this course of time I had tried jelqing here and there but never felt like committing time and the time it took was too long for me. Well.about a month ago I started and I can say I am 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer but no significant girth changes as of yet. I have the up most confidence in all I have read and seen on this site. I will continue until I reach 9 inches. I am beginning to see that this is a mind set. I also am beginning to see that , warming up & stretching is a must for length gains. Anyway.Now with all of that said (because I am so happy that finally I can have a big cock) I know my gains are gonna cum, and I am sure I will make my goals, but the question is.What besides jelqing gets thickness (ie: squeezes, squeeze and jelqing, slow jelqing). Just wanna know cause almost every female I have been with told me that they would prefer girth over length. What exactly can I do to get as wide as my wrist and as thick as a coke can?

After you have conditioned yourself adequately you can try clamping. I probably shouldn’t be suggessting this to you this soon because it is pretty intense. You really need to be prepared and very aware when you are doing it. But I can really see the difference since I have been clamping.


Work on your PC muscle.

It’s proven black males put on muscle faster than white males so PE should be faster for you too.

I was the same size as you roughly and now am a touch over 7”

Dongdon, it’s the BC muscle, not the PC. And working just that won’t gain girth.


Every time I jelq, and stretch, my wife totally see’s a difference. I notice it and I walk around proud. My length increases as well as thickness.but if I stop, it goes back, so I don’t! Even when I’m done having sex, I work it out. I asked a friend what he did because he’s 12 thats really big but still I wouldn’t mind.he told me that after sex, I would work it out. "It’s like a muscle, you have to work it out” now, to be honest I don’t know if he’s 12 because it’s natural or cause he worked it out. But he says it’s from working it out.

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