I restored mine

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Also I’ve never heard of men trying to restore foreskin.

I restored my foreskin in the years 1991-1993. I was cut rather tight and had to start with a taping system described in The Joy of Uncircumcising by James Bigelow Ph.D.

I have been very pleased with the results. I have no before photos because the time was before digital cameras, and it would have been quite difficult to get photos of my penis developed.

I have photos posted showing the results. I have been mistaken for being uncut.

BTW Check out Bigelow’s book if you are still in doubt. There are also several websites dedicated to the process of foreskin restoration. The processes which I used did not entail the purchase of any expensive devises. All of them are described in Bigelow’s book. Which by the way is available on Amazon.


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