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why not use (little) soap and hot water in wet jelging?


why not use (little) soap and hot water in wet jelging?

why not use (little) soap and hot water in wet jelging?

I have only been doing PE for approximately 2 months. I have used soap several times in the shower and the hot water feels great. I get a good workout and feel a good stretch in my ligs. It does make the actual stretching a bit awkward though, it is too slippery.

As somebody married to a handmade soapmaker, and having researched extensively all the ingredients that go into both commercial cleansing bars (which are not really soap) and all natural handmade vegetable soaps, I’d submit that you have to be nuts to want to grind that stuff into your skin, the way jelqing requires, day after day. That goes for both the commercial detergent bars and even the all natural handmade stuff. Occasionally, sure. Regularly, no way.

Yeah, you can hammer a nail into a board with a box wrench, but there’s a reason why professional carpenters use a hammer. You use the tool for the job for which it was created. Soap and detergent bars were never meant to be used as lubes, especially long term, they are meant for, and accomplish something completely different. If you’re going to be pulling on your knob every day, you might as well consider yourself a professional PE’er, and use professional tools. Soap and detergent are not acceptable lube substitutes. If you’re going to jelq in the shower, which does feel great, do it right with an oil based lube. As much as I hate petroleum products being jammed into my pores, they’re a far better solution that soaps.

Just my 2 cents. Ignore at will.

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Use vegetable oil or olive oil.

We’ve had this discusion before, but suffice to say:

Just get a little bit of that there soap in your pee hole
and you won’t be doing much jelging.
Squeezing, now that might be a whole other thing…..

When I first started jelqing, I used the girlfriend’s bodywash in the shower for over a month with no problems, I tried vaseline but it was too messy so went back to the bodywash for the simple fact that it can wash off easily. Only reason I stopped was that I graduated to dry jelqs (still in the shower.)

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Hello questioning, dreed and all nice folks here,

I believe soap is not recommended for wet jelqing. Soap can make your skin dry.

Have you ever noticed about feeling a little pain (like sharp pain) when you pee? I never used soap for jelqing, but I sometimes clean my penis with soap (normally I clean it with cleansing gel = soap free) and I always feel a little sharp pain in my pee hole.

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Originally Posted by questioning
why not use (little) soap and hot water in wet jelging?

The main reason I suggest staying completely away from soap and jelqing is it causes dry flakky skin. In my experience, when I used soap, the skin on my penis literally shedded. It was horrible and hurt like hell. Not to mention I couldnt have sex with a dick shedding quicker than a Boa Constrictor.

I reccommend trying dry jelqs if you are in the shower — or bringing a little bit of lubrication into the shower with you.

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When I first started PE I always did wet jelqing in the shower. It worked great and was fine for about roughly 20-25 days. Then this big red rashly like thing started appearing under my shaft where my Jelqing was. I stopped using the soap for jelqing and never have since then. I usually do jelqs in the shower still, but with no soap as lubricant.

P.S.: The soap I had was moisturizing soap and not just Ivory or some regular soap.

Shower "lube"

Use hair conditioner….. won’t dry out the skin and rinses clean easily.

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Come to think of it, lately I have been using a hand lotion that has vitamin E in it to Jelq with. After a few minutes though, the lotion dries and there is a bit of soreness on the top of my unit. I am going to take all the advice and stop using the soap, and see if that soreness doesn’t go away. I don’t have to worry about having sex, not at least for another 3 months anyway. That is when I am supposed to go home on leave for 2 weeks. Well, I will keep you all posted on what happens. Thanks for the advice.

Been PEing for almost 2 months.

I use body wash liquid soap (and while I am doing jelqs I don’t even have water going on my cock while jelqing) just soap.

I find that water just washes the soap away and I can’t really jelq.

Anyway, after my session, I put lots of moisturizer on my cock… so far no problems at all.

Oh, I also use that moisturizing soap.

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I have been doing my wet jelqs outside of the shower, but for increased privacy have been considering taking my routine to the shower. Outside the shower, I’ve been using vaseline, but don’t like the mess. Just tried a body wash in the shower today, and have a little stinging/roughness down there. Will try the conditioner next. Thanks to all for the tips.

i’m with Eroset. Why not use baby oil (vegetable based = canola oil) or olive oil?

regards, mgus

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I’m still a newb, but I stopped jelqing with bar soap after getting really itchy for 12-28 hours after.


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