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Why not just pump and stretch

Why not just pump and stretch

First I have to write that my english I very poor. Just so you know.

I have been reading threads at this forum all day today. What I understand, it’s all about one thing and that thing is to stretch everything in the dick. Ligaments, tunica and.. Well every part of the dick.

I have looked at the videos. The goal of allmost every exercise is to stretch the different parts of the dick
By forcing a lott of blood in to that part or just stretching by polling. Wouldn’t it be mutch easier just to 2 things. Stretch the dick by pulling and then use a pump to force blood in to every part of the dick?

If I do jelking, uli, bending or other tecnics, I can’t get at all as much blood into the dick as I can when I pump.
My dick is about 7 in lenght and 5,5 in girth. After just 5 secons of pumping it is maby 7,5 * 6,5 inside of the pump. Wouldn’t it just be much easier to stretch for maybe 5 min, then pump for 5 min and then stretch for 5 min instead of doing a lot of difficult exercises? When using a pump it is so easy to get very much blood into the dick.

I have never done PE on a regular basis but I have pumped on a regular basis. The problem with pumping as I have experienced it is that the skin on the dick gets very large and I get erectionsproblems. But now when I have been reading at this forum I understand that I was pumping to much back in the days when I was pumping. I was pumping under hard pressure maybe 20-30 minutes every day. And I mean realy hard pressure.

What do you guys say? I can’t deside if I should start doing the exercises described on this page or if I just should do some strething and then pump. Have you tried both maybe?

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