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Why measure BPEL when that's not the visual truth?


We seem to be attracting a kinder, gentler breed of posters; thank you Stillwantmore22 for setting the proper tone. (Perhaps I am just a grouchy bastard because of finals, but I doubt it.) If you don’t know what the f*ck you are talking about don’t waste time talking. Ignorance is no excuse when the information is a search button away.

>but I guess enough of you are already against NBPEL measurements that it wouldn’t even matter. <…
Before implying closed mindednesses refer to the above paragraph. NONE of us are against NBP as a way of telling how much pud you have for pushing. When it comes to data collection read on….

>so I doubt my fat pad is going to be expanding or contracting at all in the near time future. <…
Really? I would be very surprised if your fat pad stays exactly the same from day to day. It is much more likely that it fluctuates within a given range (like from .75” to 1.25” or some such, f*ck if I know) based on hydration, fractional changes in BF%, etc. If your initial NBP measurements are on a fat day and you measure a week later on a skinny day… hot diggety dog!!!! You just gained a half inch!!!!

J384, I was puzzled by the whole BP & NBP at first because on me they are identical. I just post my measurements without either a NBP or a BP because of this. I hope you stick around long enough to learn that what make Thunder’s unique are the quality, intelligence, and spirit of the members. We are all continually trying new and different things. More importantly, we are actively doing it as a science project and amassing a huge data base. BP allows for standardized, consistent measurements, for accurate data collection. Perhaps the fat pad doesn’t change on some (I doubt this) but on most guys it can change a lot. If we are reading a detailed progress report and PE routine from someone that has gained 2.5” in the last 6 months it helps to know that it is BP, and not due to the 30lbs he has lost in the same time frame.

You will not find anything close to the experience, knowledge, and amassed data on this topic anywhere else. By all means look around; you will discover that Thunder’s is it. This is NOT you normal war story & advise forum. The entire thing is an ongoing study in which we all participate to some degree. The amount of data/knowledge/information that has been gathered in just the last 2 years is truly amazing. Every one here is way out of the norm when it comes to perseverance and long range planning/gratification delay. Very few guys have what it takes to rate the marginal benefit of hours and hours of PEing every week as greater than watching TV when the benefits may not show for months or even years. Many of us even go ahead and shave time off of things like sleep to fit in PEing. I hope you stick around, you seem well spoken, intelligent, and annoyingly sarcastic…So you should fit right in.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

but whats the official method of measuring ? I mean how do the docs measure when they are making surveys ?


I think it depends on what they are interested in.

condom companies are not interested in shaft length that cannot be covered by their product, therefore it makes sense that they would do non bone pressed measurements. If I were doing a survey I would use bone pressed flaccid stretch. the reasons:

No variation due to quality of the stiffie

No variation due to impotence

No variation due to obesity

No argument about taking curve into account - it automatically is.

This being the case an average correlation coefficient could be developed for how bpfsl relates to bpel.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


be back soon

I was 7% body fat two years ago and I will get back to that this year, which means that my fatpad will all but vanish, making that bpel measurement the only one.

Originally Posted by j384
I don’t understand why people measure BPEL. The hell is the point? When someone looks at your dick, do you really think they are going to [ask you to] pull against the base so the entire thing is exposed? Of course not. People don’t judge length by how big it looks after you jam a ruler against the bone, they judge it by how it is just the way it is…NBPEL. Just why is BPEL even used? I mean, if your gains are only obvious in BPEL, that means the only one who will see the true gains is you. But isn’t the point of this whole thing to have something to show to others?

I’m just arguing about the fact that I believe PEers should be posting their NBPEL in gains because that’s what the world sees and it’s what your dick naturally looks like.

I mean, I thought I was only a below average 5.25 incher….yet it turns out that when I measure BPEL and push the ruler against the bone, I’m a fairly average 6.25..yes, you read correctly: an entire inch bigger when I hold the ruler against the bone instead of just holding it right where the base starts. See what I mean? If you’re gonna call me average length when I can show you my dick right now the way it is without a ruler jammed over my cock, then both of us are definitely going to see it is not really a 6, and I am going to crack up not to mention shake my head in shame.

Those of you who claim to have gained enough to put you at 8 or 9 inches, I hope that’s nbpel because what’s the point of bragging if you have to push against the fat pads (which come in all different sizes) to be able to say “see NOW that I’ve scraped skin off my groin to stick the ruler closer and closer to the bone, you can clearly see I’m 7 inches.” When men have sex with women and go all the way in, they only feel your NBPEL…so why even bother with the whole BPEL thing when it’s not what is visually there? Is it because gains are only noticeable by BPEL? If that is so, then I might as well stop PE because I need to gain in NBPEL not BPEL..(as you can tell).

So are you guys expecting me to tell everyone I’m really 6 inches when that’s only by pushing a ruler into my fat pad above my cock to the point where it touches bone? Cause personally, that makes me feel like telling everyone, “Hey I’m 5’11”.. even though I’m wearing shoes that give me another two inches” when I’m really only 5’9”.

Whatever….opinions are like assholes and everybody’s got one, but I’m sorry, I just find it laughable to hear people claiming they’re this size one way (which people actually see)… and that size the other (only after jamming a frigging ruler against the skin above their cocks to push them out more)…I mean come on guys. Thank God there isn’t also a “cheat” for EG measurements otherwise there’d probably be PEers on here claiming they have 10 inches of girth…LOL.

First, you should tone down te attitude a bit. Shouting that everyone here is an idiot won’t get you anywhere.

Secondly, BPEL is a consistant way of measure. Losing weight or gaining it has little effect on your true length, only on the appearance. If your dick is only for show, and not for fucking, then by all means don’t worry about BPEL.

Third, if you actually know how to fuck, your woman will feel every inch of your BPEL. If she only feels your NBPEL, you aren’t doing it right. Besides, fat squishes, if you haven’t noticed.

Does that answer your question?

Originally Posted by devilknight666

First, you should tone down te attitude a bit. Shouting that everyone here is an idiot won’t get you anywhere.


After about 8 years, it was time somebody yell at him. ;)

Originally Posted by j384
And yea..maybe some of you grind your women all the way to the point where you’re pushing to the bone, but I’ve always found that painful, not to mention the problem that it slows me down.

It’s not a matter of forceful grinding. It’s finding the right angle of penetration and using the proper motion of the hips. Then, the fat pad isn’t even an issue.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Well, for what it is worth, j384 posted that back in 12-05-2002. He has probably calmed down since then. :jumpblue:

Oh, well, I guess I’m a little late in saying something. LOL

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
But it was well said. :)

Yeah, devilknight666 pretty much laid it all out.

— keep track of gains
— in the real world you can utilize most of your BPEL, because fat compresses.


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