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Why jelq when you can clamp?

Why jelq when you can clamp?

Ive been on the jelqing/manual stretching routine now for about 8 months, and Ive seen some small gains. However, after reading all the time about what great girth gains people get from clamping, I was just wondering should I even both with jelqing anymore and just clamp/stretch? Ive heard a lot of positive feedback about clamping, and was just wondering what are the main perks and disadvantages between both clamping and jelqing. If clamping is really as good as most people say it is, I might just start to clamp with manual stretching. Thanks for the help guys.

In my opinion, jelqing (if done at the lower end of erection level of course) is a form of rhythmic stretch that at the same time “cleans out” your CS and CC chambers, pushing blood through them, putting some pressure on the small blood vessels as well. To me, jelqing is more of a “health” exercise to help transport waste, lymph and oxygen starved blood out of your penis, replacing it with new, oxygen rich blood.

Clamping to me is a exercise to put internal stress on the CS and CC-chambers in an attempt to stretch them beyond their original capacity, little by little, in the hope that your body will respond by making the surrounding tunica of these chambers permanently more elastic, allowing for the chambers to hold more blood so that our girth becomes larger.

What I am getting at here is; these two exercises, again in my opinion, will for the most part give you two very different results over time. What is your goal? To gain both length and girth? Bottom line; What ever your goal is, do some light jelqing (10-20 strokes will “clean your pipes” faster then not doing it)…do not exclude it totally.

Clamping is an advanced PE-method since it mechanically slows down/stops the outflow of blood from the penis, causing a high pressure from the blood inside of the CS and CC-chambers to stretch the tunica of these three chambers. If your penis can withstand this high pressure without becoming injured or going into over training is up to you decide. Since you have been at it for 8 months you could probably start experimenting a bit with mechanical PE methods such as clamping.

Sorry about the long explanation but I hope this helped you.

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