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Why is this always happening...

Why is this always happening...

I stopped for a while because I was sick and started back up…I started about where I left off (250 wet jelq’s) and I’m having weak erections…

I’ve not had the rock hard erections that I used to in a long time…I used to wake up with raging hard ons and now I never do…I used to get 100% level erections and I never do…I’m thinking of just stopping altogether to see if I can ever get those erection levels back…I’m 28 and take good care of my body…I’ve not overtrained at this point…

Maybe I need to just start real slow at like 150 wet jelqs and at 5 minute strethces…It’s pretty aggravating because this has been the case ever since I started PE a about 8 months ago…

Any advice??


During your down time while you were sick did you see any improvement in your erection quality?

But Cap, sickness can affect erections too.

You need some real time off, JYD, to restore your confidence. I bet your erections will improve.

Perhaps jelqing is a bad method for you? Have you tried devoting all that addition time to stretching as well? (That is, using an exclusive stretching routine for a while.) You could also consider pumping.

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
But Cap, sickness can affect erections too.

Tell me about. This damn flu I’ve got here has got my pecker hanging like a dead leaf in autumn.
No sense even attempting any PE right now. Although I did have one of those spontanious hey bud I’m still alive down here erections today, but it was gone as soon as it happened. Took it as a good sign I might be pulling out of this crappy flu soon.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
But Cap, sickness can affect erections too.

By sickness do you mean influenza, depression, or carpel tunnel syndrome?

It would also be helpful to know if you’ve seen any gains over these past 8 months, JYS.

Originally Posted by JYD
I stopped for a while because I was sick and started back up…I started about where I left off (250 wet jelq’s) and I’m having weak erections…

Any advice??

There you have it. You cannot start where you left off, you have to start with a newbie routine but you can accelerate much quicker than a newbie can if I understand correctly. Depends on how long break you had, among other things. I’m a newbie myself so I just tell what others have told.

Seems a bit obvious but are you doing any kegels?

I’ve been PE’ing for five months, and to this day I’m only doing 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching, followed by 100 dry-jelq strokes, and yet I seem to be making steady gains every month. I don’t know whether this will work for you, JYD, but I personally found that I was fatiguing myself heavily when I did any substantial amount more than that which I’ve currently settled on (due to months of experimentation).

I’m figuring that if I do just this small amount every month, the big gains will come in time, as they seem to have been doing. Maybe my method could possibly work for you?

Thanks and sorry it took so long for me to respond…I believe that out of all my experience, I really need to just take it slow like Ash suggests…It was the flu, and I’ve never been able to keep my routines study but for more than a month, and in that month, yes, I gained almost half an inch in BPEL, and my routine was as follows…

5 min hot wrap
no stretch
150 (then up to 250) wet jelqus
50 (then to 100 kegls)
5 min hot wrap

I think I’ll just start really slow and allow my erections to recover…I’ve also been masturbating a whole lot and will cut that out immediately…

Personally, I masturbate anywhere between once every two days, and twice a day - it varies, but I believe masturbation is helping me maintain stronger and more spontaneous erections (every time I jerk off, I just get hornier for some reason). I think it’s wise not to stop masturbating, but to cut down the frequency of it to maybe once a day or once every two days or something. Of course, I don’t know how frequently you’ve been masturbating, so this could all be stating what you already do.

How long are you taking to masturbate? I’m a supporter of quickies only when absolutely necessary, and for those, I usually take anywhere from 2-10 minutes. My normal sessions (which are in the majority) usually last between 30 and 90 minutes. Maybe you need to masturbate for a longer time, when you do, so that you are in effect trying to force your penis to stay erect for a long time.

This is all just speculation on my part, but I hope that some of it may help you in some way. What I’ve given you above is just what works for me, anyway; I can only speak personally.

I also have had the problem of weaker erections ( which is my wifes only complaint with pe). Someone here made an analogy of the valve in your penis being a one way valve ( you pump blood in) and that made more sense when doing kegals. My solution has been alot of foreplay and concentrating on your kegals ( visually focus on pushing blood in) and my erections have gotten much better!

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