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Why is my penis so small

Part of my new years resolution is to start running. Going to try for a half marathon at some point.

I shall try jelqing without an erection, but all things are quite hard when my flaccid is only like 3” max depending on warmth.

Does anyone have any recommendations for sex? Either I’m terrible at it (more than likely, I was a very late bloomer) or my penis is hindering me.

My penis curves up like a banana, and I find that I cannot seem to use it effectively. I think it is because it is too short to properly allow penetration? The last girl I fucked was quite skinny but I still had problems getting it in, and she asked for anal, but I couldn’t quite get the angle right.

My flaccid is very much a grower benny. 3 inches on a good day; and that is an improvement from when I joined Thunder’s and it was more like 1.5. Are you cut or uncut? I’m uncut and have to roll the majority of the foreskin back from the head to get an effective stretch. I found L-arginine slightly improves my flaccid and was the edge I needed to start with to get a hold of it. As for jelqs - I have a modified technique to the standard because of being small and uncut; one hand holds the skin at the base, the other pushes up in the standard movement, clamp at the bottom once the jelqing hand reaches the top with the hand holding the skin, move hand down to hold skin and repeat.

Give us all the info you can and we can do more to help.

benny, have you had a physical recently? The ED doesn’t sound right to me. I think there is a psychological component, but wondering if there is something going on physiologically too. How old are you.

I had a endoscopy recently for bleeding from my arse. (How embarrassing)

What would you say would be going on physiologically?

Veezee, I’m uncut (thank God)

Some ED is linked to things like diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, testicular failure, etc.

Not meaning to scare you. Not saying you have those things. But a doc could do blood work to eliminate those causes. Standard bloodwork + hormone panel.

I had a blood test done recently before my camera treatment, which included some testosterone tests. Came back normal.

Should I see a doctor again? Anything in particular to ask for?

Originally Posted by bennyjames
You want to swap? If you’re 5’8” or taller and have a penis of 6.5” or greater, I’ll happily swap.

Height is irrelevant.

If height is irrelevant then why set a limit at 5’8”? :)

I’m 5’4”, and 7.99” BPEL, 5.75” EG. Want to trade? I don’t. :)

I have a banana curve as well. Best thing you can do if I woman is on her back is elevate her hips in some way. If not, you are probably only getting an inch or two of penetration. You’re much bigger than me do I don’t if you will smother the girl, but I like to put my hand under one of her cheeks and pull her up that way. They go crazy for that and when you hold their legs up. 5.5 is plenty to work with if you know how to stuff them with the full 5.5

Thank you very much for the tip um1991, I’ll try it.

I wish my penis was straight and did not stick in the air, seems to be a real hindrance. :(

That’s life man I always wonder why I am so short

Hah, you’re an artist.

Think about the physiology of a woman. Where do you think you’re going to hit with that, if you insert most of the length?

Push her legs right back, as far as you can get them and get in there man. Depending how strong you are as well, standing positions are made for you.

If you want it to aim downward more, downward stretches will stretch out the upper ligaments gradually, and you’ll eventually see the angle descend at least a bit.

I’ve got my eyes on a girl. She is quite short 5’3” and is thin, so I’ll try picking her up. I’m not that strong though. Even more reason for me to start the gym!

I shall try and do some more stretches. I am tempted to go buy some viagra to see if I am still capable of very hard erections. If I cannot, surely that means physiological problems?

Edit: Glad you like my artistic impression of myself haha

I’m no Dr. but I’d say so if that’s the case.

I shall try and buy some then.

I read on the internet about making a circle round your penis and putting it on at night to see if you get nightly erections? Any truth in this?


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