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Why is my penis so small

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Originally Posted by bennyjames
Nothing stings more than knowing your penis is sub sized. And it is, when it curves upwards, not enough length to do a lot of things (though I am still quite inexperienced so am still bad).

UM - chicks love curved dicks. Your up curve is PERFECT for g-spot stimulation.. Read up on it, you will become an ORGASM MACHINE.

Originally Posted by bennyjames
I have been wracked by my penis size for a long time. So much so that I don’t even get erections anymore. :(

That is horrible that you have done that to yourself. You are fucking yourself over for no reason.

Originally Posted by benny
Also if I was smaller, my smaller penis would be okay as it would suit my frame better. But with my height and athletic build, it looks FAR smaller than it really is.

This is all in your head.

Originally Posted by bennyjames
My girth is not as bad, but is still a decidedly mediocre 5.3”

You have no idea how happy I am gonna be when I hit 5.3 midshaft girth. Working on it now. Goal is 5.5. It is a huge struggle for me to get there. You will probably reach 5.5 in a month.

I am going to start on PE.

But I am not sure how to when I cannot get an erection any longer?

Stretches are done flaccid and you force blood further up your penis with jelqs. And if all else fails, there are things like viagra that can get the ball rolling until your natural health is back up to scratch.

Originally Posted by bennyjames
I am going to start on PE.

But I am not sure how to when I cannot get an erection any longer?

As veezee notes, stretches are done flaccid. Jelqs are done with a semi-erection or even flaccid. Low erection jelqs target lenght.

Here is what my newbie routine was:

Heat warm up for 5 minutes
4 or 5 sets of 5-way stretches
Between each set do a single clock stretch.
90 jelqs
warm down

As you get conditioned you can add more.

5 way stretch. Grab your soft penis about an inch behind the head. Pull it straight down and hold for 20 to 30 secs. Shake it out. Stretch it to your left and hold for 20 to 30 secs. Shake it out. Then to right. Then straight out. Then up.

Clock stretch - grab your soft penis and stretch it straight down as above, Keep the tension, pretend your body is the face of a clock, and your penis is the hour hand at 6pm. stretch your penis in a circle, so you are going from 6pm to 6am. Shake it out, do your next 5-way stretch.

Tons of jelq descriptions out there.

Originally Posted by bennyjames
But I am not sure how to when I cannot get an erection any longer?

From your description, I am assuming this is psychogenic impotence or what is called performance anxiety.

I have been thru this myself, I am going to dig out some resources that were helpful to me and post them later.

First thing I am going to tell you is STOP WATCHING PORN. Right now, right this minute. You may be able to resume watching later, but for the time being - NO PORN. No pictures, no nothing. No fantasizing about porn, nothing porn related. There is a long thread here on detoxing from porn which I will also did out. But here are the basics.

The first couple weeks after you stop watching porn, your libido is going to COMPLETELY CRASH. This is normal. It will start to come back after that. Erections will start coming easier. Limit your masturbation, but when you masturbate, focus SOLELY on sensation. I think it is ok to fantasize about exciting sex you have had in the past, others say no fantasy - just sensation.

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Strange times. I gave up porn a few years ago.

I tried porn today in an attempt to get an erection (I’ve been a bit of time without one at all). I got a 6/10 boner which subsided quite quickly.

How strange.

If you have been depressed it’s no wonder you have erection issues, like the saying goes use it or lose it, it’s almost like the dick gets smaller from not having had an erection in a long time.
I honestly think that as soon as you start doing a lil bit of jelqing, stretching and of course kegels you will get a bigger dick in your hand than you’ve ever experienced before.

Don’t ever give up my man, we are all born different and just because media and some stupid cunts may have you fooled into thinking you’re a worthless douche because of your dick size, better think again I’m pretty fucking sure you have some qualities that sets you apart from the crowd just find that little something, get secure about it and get laid, get a girlfriend or whatever floats ya boat. Good luck.

Thank you for works of encouragement, I appreciate it.

Here is a picture of my penis. This is the best erection I’ve had for a long time, and as you can see it’s very lackluster, far from the steel like boners that I used to have.

Well thats a healthy looking unit if I ever saw one.

I don’t know what the others would say but for your own records I would try and take some pics with a ruler included. From above and then a free hanging erection from the side. Then it can really help you to get a sense of scale and angle so you can really see how you’re training has developed you. From what I understand results can be slow so accurate and consistent logging is very important. You’re doing great though buddy keep it up. No pun intended ;) Your EQ (erection quality) will improve with proper PE, thats kinda one of the major points of doing it! From what I’ve read if your EQ doesn’t increase then you size won’t increase. So basically you’re on the right path to a bigger, stronger, HEALTHIER man piece and psyche.

All the best, don’t ever quit!


Start (Part 2) 10/04/2013: FL - 11.0 cm (4.29"), FG - 12.0 cm (4.68"), BPEL - 18.5 cm (7.22"), NBPEL - 16.2 cm (6.32"), EG - 14.0 cm (5.46")

Short-term goal by 10/07/2013: FL - 13 cm, NBPEL - 17.5 cm (6.84"), EG - 14.3 cm (5.59")

Long-term goal by 10/7/2018: FL - 14 cm (5.47), NBPEL - 20.0 cm (8.5"), EG - 16.5 cm (6.5")

I hope EQ improves, that would be very beneficial.

A couple inches on my penis would make me very happy.

I’ll try and get some photos of my penis up soon, though I do struggle to get erections.

@Bennyjames-how long have you had this problem? How old are you, and whats your general health like?

I share Wrangler101’s opinion about your picture. Definitely a nice looking piece!

And even more definitely a unit worth working on. Not in terms of size, but I like the proportions and it looks nice and energetic.

Maybe a little strange to make compliments about your dick, but that’s the way I had my first thoughts. “Yummy!” was the first term that crossed my mind. And probably the mind of any girls seeing it!

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My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

Small update: I tried the newbie routine. I took a shower with some hot water (used a soaked sock to keep consistent heat). Followed by some stretches (Stretched down, Stretched up, Stretched down left and right, and did a clocklike motion).

I tried to PE, but I couldn’t get an erection. :(

This problem has affected me for a fair bit of time now. EQ has been low for a couple years, probably due to me masturbating often and due to where I lived having to get the job over and done with quickly. It got very bad in the past year. One day I tried to masturbate and I barely got past 3-4 inches before ejaculating. Since then I don’t really get erections at all. The one the other day was the first proper one in a long time.

When I’m with a girl I get erections but they fade quickly and are only 5/10 quality.

I have given up porn for a very long time (which hit my libido I think, and hasn’t returned), the other day was the first time I’d watched in a very very long time). I have also gone for times without masturbating which failed to “reawake me”.

As for my health, I have a sedentary lifestyle, I don’t exercise much or play sports. I drink socially but don’t smoke. Tooks a few hits of cocaine and MDMA a few years ago, but nothing major.

Get out for some exercise 4 or 5 times a week. Start kegelling, and carry on stretching. And you don’t NEED an erection to jelq - even the smallest amount of blood in your dick can get you started.


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