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Why is it recommended to drink lots of water


Here’s an interesting web site and book about water, salt, and hydration. It made a lot of sense to me because I always drank a lot of water, but always felt dehydrated. It was because I lacked salt in my diet which helps balance the water in your body. Sea salt that is.


Originally Posted by ThatGuy69
Every drink wouldn’t have the same water content.. Milk doesn’t have water in it.. Juice or tea or anything else has a small amount of water plus lots of other ingredients..

My question is..

I drink a lot of tea (like green tea.. Iced green tea.. Whatever) Is that good for you? And for PE? It has vitamins and minerals and what not

I heard it’s good for flushing your system out too..

Any thoughts?

Right you are man, but decaf is better if anxiety is a problrem or high blood pressure. Me I get the jitters and only drink coffee when extremely tired. Green tea and black tea carry the same healing properties without the caffeine. Both reduce blood pressure and helps ward off colds and things. Black tea and green tea are cortisol blockers, great for if you are stressed. Green tea helps you burn fat more so than black tea. Red tea and white tea are also good for you.

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Thank you guyz for the knowledge dropped on here. Now i better understand why drinking lots of water is important to the body, and to PE.

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Sea salt?

Chemically there’s no difference. Your body knows no difference.

regards, mgus

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