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Why hot wrap after jelq?

Why hot wrap after jelq?

I was just wondering, what’s the point of doing a hot wrap after jelqing? It just seems like an extra hassle, and since hot wrapping is used to loosen up the tissue (similar to stretching before a run), it doesn’t really make sense to do be loosening up after the jelqing.

I think it has something to do with when the muscles relax, it allows them to repair at a quicker rate. I don’t know.

Yeah It helps

It keeps the blood in the penis for an extended time after you jelq. You just created a bunch of micro tears and you need extra oxygen which blood has to help repair. The only thing you notice is no red spots a few days after you jelq.

Some dont really need to cool down after a jelq session and wont get any red spots. I, myself, won’t get red spots but some will.

Cliff Notes: It’s mainly used to prevent the appearance of red spots after a jelq session.

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