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Why have days of rest?


Why have days of rest?

Do I have to let my member rest from PE once in a while? And how often should I let it rest? 1 day during a week? I’ve found that PE is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes;-)

Results vary. I have found that sometimes when overworking, and getting slow or no gains a few days off is followed by better gains when PE is resumed.

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PE is addictive. i do mine 7 days week

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A good friend of mine is a personal trainer. I told him what I am doing. He said treat it like any other workout. One day on, one day off. Tissues need to regrow on rest stages only. NOT an expert. Just his good advice.

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Remember your penis does not get bigger while you are working out. It gets bigger while you are resting. Pe only stimulates growth, the recovery process is where gains occur

Your right theman

tell that to DLD

dld is not god, maybe if instead of PE’ing everyday, he could get more gains with 1-2 days off a week

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I think it all depends on the growth. For instance if you are trying to stretch your ligs then maybe 7 days per week is benefical. However for actually increasing your penis size by making the cells larger..etc, then rest I would think is very important.


What is your evidence to support your claim?


the reason I say ask DLD is because he, and several others (including myself) have used a 7 on no off days approach with good intensity, and have gained a tremendous amount of size. Just my OP.

yes, theman, if you read the history of BIB and his 2 years of PE work, he hung seven days a week with moderate to extreme intensity and, guess what? He gained 4 1/2 inches! I’d say that is pretty impressive, and yet another example of why this method works

Jesus, 4 1/2”? Damn, all I want is 1”.

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