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Why has my foreskin gone behind?

Why has my foreskin gone behind?


My foreskin used to almost completely cover the front of my penis (glans).

I pulled it back gently about 4-5 times over 2 months to clean up the smegma. I had never done this before.

Now, the foreskin leaves a large “hole” that exposes my glans. I don’t really like this.

Some of the problems I’ve faced:

- Before my glans (inside foreskin) was really *really* sensitive. I would feel really “touched” if I touched it. Now after it’s been exposed, I don’t find it really sensitive.
It rubs my underwear when I get erections while wearing underwear and I don’t feel anything much.

- My urine has started to have two paths.
One is the good old powerful jet, other is an irritating jet of drops that fall straight down (no projectile) from the lower part of the hole.
Before this wouldn’t happen. My foreskin would kind of make sure there is just one small hole for urine. Earlier if I pulled the foreskin back by myself while peeing, it would come in 2 streams. But now,
It happens even if I simply pee.

Please help me.

I also have this issue. I hope other posters give good ideas if any on a solution.

Have you been actively PE ing? Have you had any gains? If you have, I’m guessing that you’ve “outgrown” your foreskin. You may want to stretch it some to keep up. Regarding the urine situation, a lot of us have experienced this. It stands to reason that with all of the tugging and squeezing and pulling, we probably reshape our urethras a bit. I’m not really sure of a solution. I find if I stretch out my penis out a bit before I urinate and kind of “round out” the meatus, it minimizes the spraying or dripping . I hope this helps. :-piss:

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Hi cigp7,
I don’t do any PE.
I did have plans of doing it, but I’ve had issues with prone masturbation, which I want to resolve before doing PE.

So, I don’t do any PE.

I’m just surprised how pulling back my foreskin a few times led to my problem.

Maybe you didn’t get all the foreskin to come back up when you pulled it back. Try pulling it back again(well non erect) and and make sure the skin don’t fold under.

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