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Why does my penis look bigger in a mirror

Why does my penis look bigger in a mirror

My penis looks bigger in a mirror. Its an optical illusion or something. Maybe it’s because of my frame( I’m 5’7 and slender, probably like 1-2 % body fat)

Originally Posted by Puresubstance
( I’m 5’7 and slender, probably like 1-2 % body fat)

When you have 1-2% body fat, you would be very sick, probably dead.…a/aa090200a.htm

Body fat percent varies considerably for men and women, and age. However, there are some standards. The minimum percent bodyfat considered safe and acceptable for good health is 5% for males and 12% for females. The average adult bodyfat is closer to 15%-18% for men and 22%-25% for women.

Athletes, typically, find themselves at the low end of this scale.

4~5 % is the absolute minimum posible before sickness ;)

Bodybuilding is the sport with the less bodyfat (5-8%)

Well there you go, you are hallucinating due to you dangerously low body fat and will soon be dead! :)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have heard some pro athletes, Michael Jordan and Edgerrin James come to mind were supposed to be around 3%

I have the same situation (with the mirror not the bodyfat). I always think my penis looks kind of small, but then I catch a glimpse in the mirror and think, “well, it ain’t too bad.” Also, there have been a few pictures taken of me and my penis, and it always looks bigger than I think it is. It might just be that we’re so used to looking at in out hands that we don’t ever see it in full context. A lot of people say it has to with our angle of perception.

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Yeh I took a pic with my cameraphone from underneath, I have average girth and it almost looks as big as Ramone from that angle somehow

I think it is because of the human eye’s line of vision. Looking at it in the mirror as opposed to looking down on it by nodding your head downwards lets you see it in more accurate proportion to the rest of your body. Plus you can see how is truly, actually extends from your torso. I don’t think looking at it in the mirror makes it look bigger because you are five foot seven and it is not like the mirror is adding four inches to your height, unless of course you are in a funhouse at the carnival.

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