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Why do you guys hide PE from your wife?

Originally Posted by TheBigLurk
I notice alot you guys saying you pe on the downlow because you don’t want your wife to find out. My wife knows and is kind of indifferent towards it. I think the only thing that bothers her is the time spent on it, which bothers me too. I have better things to do than pull on my dick for 2 hours. I told her it woyuld improve my eq which she is all for. Now that we have 2 babies I have less and less time to do it. I still like my privacy when doing it. When the kids arent home I walk around the house with a pump on
Ps I would’ve posted this in member forum but I can only post in newbie and member photos

Why do we hide?

Well, huh, doh’o.I guess PE is too macho thing, it shouldn’t be a problem for wife knows is just men stuff

Originally Posted by 17ml

Insecurities are the very thing that we never share.

That depends on whether you are in a deep relationship or a shallow one.

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I am all for couples talking about their insecurities.

On the other hand, I think the best thing to do when it comes to your penis size is to project confidence about it.

“Size Anxiety” discussions are best left to thundersplace forums or a psychologist.

Just my humble opinion, your mileage may vary.

My wife saw the open forum page and was suprised. I said that I had insecurities but that I found the discussions here made me feel better about myself and my concernes about size. She made the typical “you are perfect for me” commments, which made me feel niether good nor bad, as I don`t wish to explore her experiences with other penises.

My anxiety discussions are limited to this forum and the methods to make my dick bigger, and frankly are nothing to do with my wife. She is happy with my size (as she states) and loves the performance.

She was late for work this morning because of it.

It`s interesting that she hasn`t noticed or mentioned the 3/4” length gain that I`ve found since december. It is an indication that she likes girth more than length and that my already 5 1/5” girth does the job.

I should say that I didn`t enter into the relationship with my wife for counselling regarding my dick.

That`s what you guys are for!

Originally Posted by a-unit

That`s what you guys are for!

Dude, now you’re just “using” us ;)

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Last night somehow we started talking about the guys who don’t tell their wives.

Anyway she brought at a good point. If you don’t feel comfortable telling her about PE what does she not feel comfortable telling you?

We are really not used to other couples that are not 100% open with each other. I don’t even know how we started talking about this thread but we did.

Master, I don`t tell my wife about PE because she would find a way to make it something that she hasn`t done to please me.

She is the best wife a man could ever hope for and I wouldn`t do anything to make her feel like shit, so my Pe is strictly stealth.

And regarding open; I don`t want to hear about her past relationships as she doesn`t want to hear about mine.including anatomical measurements of any sort.

As I posted earlier in this thread, I do this for me. My desire for a bigger dick was driven by some of the on-going shit me ex threw at me about other dicks. Movie stars, musicians, jamaican men.the big dicks she held at work (she was a nurse). She made me feel so badly about my size that it drove me crazy at times, and so when I discovered this place last year and tried the methods and got support from the membership here I knew I`d found a home.

And I could guess at some of the things my wife might not tell me about, but I would only be guessing.

Some people find comfort in a full disclosure of every little thing with their spouse, but if it was something that could hurt or deeply offend my wife I would leave it out.

Having said that, we are open about money, our children, our goals, dreams, sensitivities, and pretty much everything else, including how we will retire PE is but a blip on that far horizon.

That makes sense to me.

This is a pretty interesting thread..

In fact, probably an insecure woman who is afraid that one the dong is bigger, she’ll be left in the dust for another woman.

This is the one that caught my eye, from Mr. Schlong. A bigger dick can only be a good thing for a woman (unless it’s already too big for her), so why on earth would one object unless it’s a threat?
I’m not married but I’ve dated a pretty wide variety of girls and have been engaged with PE while with 2 of them. The first one I told about it and she kind of chortled and waved it off (that was the end of my first attempt at PE), the second I never told but occasionally she would pull it out and do a double take, I could see it on her face that she noticed it was bigger. She -almost- asked once. I’ll always remember the time when she licked it and it bent and then sprang back at her and hit her in the eye! Haha, good times.

I think that when dealing with the ‘vindictive, petty bitches,’ it’s all in how you deal with it from the very first moment. Any time I get into a relationship I give a ‘no bullshit’ talk about how I don’t deal well with vindication, lies, ‘bookkeeping,’ or jealous shit. Since I started giving that talk, I haven’t had any problems with girls holding things back and then bringing them up later in big arguments.
I also think that if your lady is already in a rut of feeling like she has a hold over you in any way, there’s very little you can do to reverse it. The set up has so much importance in a relationship.

Final disclaimer.. Everyone is different, a marriage is between the two people involved and no one else and each marriage is different. YMMV, See store for details. Thanks for reading.

Something that wasn’t mentioned yet and is maybe the most important aspect is our own perception about PE. In post #21 I mentioned several sound reasons why not to tell my wife about PE, but the most important reason is my own judgement: how could I expect understanding from her, when I myself see no valid reason to do PE, except my selfish ego? If I was in real need to PE, that would have changed my perception 180 degrees. I go to gym and I do it against the will of my wife, because I feel nature gave me a too thin frame and becoming muscular is a justified desire. I have a valid point in going to gym, but not to do PE

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I think one of the reasons I don’t say anything is that I am curious to see when or if she will comment on changes without knowing what’s going on. It seems plenty here have gained more than 1” in length with no comment from their spouse.

Current (Sept 15, 2011) BPEL - 7.6 MSEG - 5.8

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Originally Posted by ddolphin
I think one of the reasons I don’t say anything is that I am curious to see when or if she will comment on changes without knowing what’s going on. It seems plenty here have gained more than 1” in length with no comment from their spouse.

They dont notice length untill your bottoming out all the time.

They feel girth but I bet we gain so slow they just get used to it as we gain.

Stop banging her for a year and do PE and she will notice. LOL She may be screwing around on you because of no sex for a year but she will notice. LOL

Mine has said nothing and I`ve got an inch in length gain in almost eight months.

I have never really focused on girth though, except when I was clamping for a while. I found that while clamping I could reach 6 1/4” mid shaft, but I realised that I wasn`t doing my length gains any good clamping even though it was so thoroughly enjoyable to do.

Maybe when I reach 7 1/2” in length, I`ll go back to clamping for a bit.

Why do you guys hide PE from your wife?

I don’t want competition for “king dick” of the household.

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So I guess I made a big mistake injecting chemicals into my cock with my girlfriend in the other room? Jeez, I’m sure she told everyone she knew after we broke up. Oh well, at least I have a huge dick if anyone wants to see the results of all the “weird shit” I do with my penis.

If you get outed for doing PE and you don’t have a big penis, people would probably really laugh at you.


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